How to Activate the Holy Spirit in You

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

You can activate the Holy Spirit in your life through five key practices. They are Prayer, Obedience, Speaking in tongues, and Submission. If you are not sure how to activate the Holy Spirit, here are some helpful tips. In this article, I’ll explain the details of each of these practices. Read on and start walking by the Spirit today! And remember to stay in tune with the Spirit every day!


Activation requires four principles. The first three are preparation, the second foundation, and the fourth is the actual act of activation. If you are a sinner, prayer activation must include these four principles. You will experience greater spiritual fruit and blessings after completing this course. In addition to understanding the four principles, it will help you to understand how to activate the holy spirit in you. Let us look at the four basic principles and how they relate to your personal prayer life.

The first step in activating the Holy Spirit in you is to realize the difference between praying in the flesh and praying in the Spirit. When you pray in the Spirit, you are relying on the power of God and not your own human effort. As we pray, we are reminded of God’s promises. When we read the Word and meditate on them, the Holy Spirit puts them into action. We become empowered by the Holy Spirit, which enables us to make God’s promises come true.

The second step in activating the Holy Spirit is to remove yourself from accursed material, including sin. You can do this by praying in the spirit language or by speaking in other tongues. When we remove the obstacles that prevent the Holy Spirit from moving in, we activate the power of God. This power is available to us whenever we need it. And because the Holy Spirit is a supernatural power, it’s impossible to live without it.

Finally, praying in the Holy Spirit’s gift opens up a world of possibilities. By praying in the Holy Spirit’s power, you activate the gifts of the Holy Spirit and receive God’s love in ways you couldn’t have otherwise imagined. By praying this way, you will be able to share God’s love with others and become a better person in the process. If you can’t share God’s love, try distributing it in the form of spiritual gifts.

The Holy Spirit baptized the Church on Pentecost. In addition to baptizing the members of the church, He also gave them a spirit-to-spirit language. Your natural mind cannot understand spirit-to-spirit communication. This is one of the greatest gifts of the Holy Spirit. We must always make a conscious choice to honor and glorify God. We cannot let the Holy Spirit grieve by speaking evil or corrupt words. By lying to God, we deprive the Holy Spirit of His power.


We’ve all heard the term “obedience” before, but how often do we actually practice it? It seems so far out of touch in our modern world. But obedience is actually the key to unlocking the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. In devotional books written in the 1800s like Andrew Murray’s Spirit of the Christ, he quotes a verse in Ezekiel 36:27 that we should heed.

To walk by the Spirit is a conscious choice that you must make each day. You must pray to receive the Holy Spirit and be prepared to obey His promptings. Obedience is a key part of walking with the Spirit. If you can’t hear His voice, you should ask Him for help. If you’re not able to hear His voice, it’s time to take a break and seek God’s guidance.

Speaking in other tongues

To activate the holy spirit in you by speaking in tongues, you must first be saved. Unbelievers cannot receive the Holy Spirit. Your pastor can help you understand the process of salvation. It is also a requirement to be baptized in the Spirit before you can speak in tongues. Once you have been baptized, you can begin to practice speaking in tongues.

The Bible teaches us that praying in tongues will weaponize our prayers. The Spirit searches everything and knows every depth, so when we pray in tongues, we activate our inherent gifts. For example, Isaiah 61:7 reveals that God will speak to His people in tongues. Besides that, we can pray in the spirit while we speak. This will increase our immune system and keep us tuned in to the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, prayer in the spirit will help you protect against false doctrines.

However, this process is not for everyone. Believers will be able to speak in new tongues and cast out demons, but unbelievers will doubt whether they have the power to do so. In Acts 2, the Holy Spirit grants utterance to the believer in the tongues. However, people will continue to question the credibility of this church if they do not understand the language.

Speaking in tongues is a sign that you have been baptized with the Holy Spirit. The apostle Paul says that the disciples spoke with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Bible also says that the apostles were able to speak in tongues because the Holy Spirit had empowered them. Speaking in other tongues is also a sign that you have been baptized. However, it is important to know that there is a difference between speaking in tongues and having the ability to speak in other languages.

When baptized, every believer should practice speaking in tongues. While this gift does not come naturally to everyone, it is something that every believer should have. Paul, the apostle of Christ, prayed in tongues more than any other person. As a result, Paul received the gift of tongues more than any other Christian. It is not only important for believers to practice speaking in tongues, but also for non-believers to practice this gift.


The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and only wants to fill you when you truly desire to glorify Him. You must prepare your heart for a new outpouring of His power, so that your life becomes a beautiful landscape. Repentance is an essential part of activating the Holy Spirit in you. When you repent, you are removing the old and making room for the new. Your life will be transformed as the Holy Spirit consumes every area.

The Holy Spirit is like electricity. You can’t use it unless you activate it. The pattern God outlined in the Book of Acts is the perfect example of how to use the power God gave you. So how do you activate the Holy Spirit in yourself? Listed below are several practical steps to activate the Holy Spirit in you. The first step is to pray. Ask God for guidance and ask Him to help you.

Activation requires a proper biblical education. The gift of the Holy Spirit is available to every believer. We are commanded to pray according to God’s Word, and true believers will believe for things based on His Word. This book is primarily about biblical understanding of the Holy Spirit gift. Without an understanding of the Scriptures, most Christians don’t know how to pray in spirit language or practice faith.

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