How to Become a Kangoo Jumps Instructor

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

If you are looking for a fun way to stay in shape, you might be wondering how to become a kangoo Jumps instructor. There are many benefits to becoming a fitness instructor and this article will give you a few tips to make it easier. First, consider the requirements that you need to meet and the format of the class. In addition, you should think about the costs before you enroll in a training course.

Training program

If you’ve been looking for a unique fitness and wellness program that gets people moving and feeling better, you should consider the Kangoo Jumps Instructor Training Program. The program is designed to build the fitness and well-being of both the mind and body, and it helps to develop a sense of balance and mobility. The Jumps are made of T-springs, which cost between EUR 23,00 and EUR 27,00 a pair. Instructors also receive training in physiology, anatomy and postural control.

After completing the Kangoo Jumps instructor training program, individuals are eligible to become certified in this unique sport. Instructors must have experience teaching exercise to music, as well as a valid national health and exercise safety certificate. Aside from being able to instruct Kangoo Jumps classes, instructors can also become Kangoo Jumps boot distributors and receive discounts on KJ boots. Instructors are encouraged to share their passion for fitness by educating people about a unique form of exercise.

During the instructor training, students will learn the basics of katakana and a fun choreography. Instructors also focus on proper form and rebounding techniques so that participants can maximize their calorie burn while minimizing the stress on their joints. Instructors are provided with a limited number of Kangoo Jumps boots for each class, which allows for individualized attention for each student. While a training program for katakana, you’ll learn the proper technique for teaching Kangoo Jumps classes.


To become a Kangoo Jumps instructor, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, certified training in aerobics or exercise to music, or a relevant degree. You will need to be certified in CPR and first aid as well. The training course includes hands-on and theoretical practice in Kangoo Jumps. It will also require that you have a valid national health and safety certificate. Upon successful completion of the training, you will be able to teach classes that incorporate music and fun.

There are two mandatory workshops to become a Kangoo Jumps instructor. The workshops consist of two days of training, education about the correct use of rebound shoes, and a practical test. You must pass both the practical and written test to become a certified instructor. Before applying to become an instructor, you must have at least 3 years of experience in teaching group fitness classes. In addition to this, you must have prior teaching experience.

In addition to the training, you need to possess the proper knowledge of the boots and the exercises that they perform. Using the boots incorrectly can cause injury and damage to property. Because of the potential risk for injury and damage to property, it is imperative to be properly certified as a Kangoo Jumps instructor. The certification program requires you to pass written and practical exams and has many other requirements to ensure that the class is safe.

Class format

Educators who want to teach Kangoo Jumps should consider adopting a specific format. For example, instructors could incorporate a few of the Jumps into their regular classes. A good format will challenge children to think creatively while incorporating exercises and games that are fun and keep the class highly motivating. The Jumps are appropriate for fitness instructors, physical educators, and anyone involved with youth sports activities. They can also help young people make the transition from group fitness classes to adult group workouts.

A certified instructor must have experience teaching exercise to music. In addition, instructors must have a valid national health and fitness safety certificate. The certification also allows instructors to teach group fitness classes in any country. Instructors can teach at any location as long as they are insured. Instructors are eligible to earn commissions from Kangoo Jumps classes taught in other countries. The best part is that they don’t need to invest in equipment. They can simply rent the jumps and boots and begin teaching classes.

Instructors can also incorporate dance moves and floor exercises, including planks. Because the Jumps protect the joints, it takes 80% of the impact off of the joints, while burning up to 20% more calories. Instructors must give at least two hours’ notice to reschedule classes. Besides incorporating jumps into a fitness class, a Kangoo instructor should also incorporate a running component to his or her classes.


If you have always loved the idea of fitness and jumping, you can now become a Kangoo Jumps instructor. In addition to being an effective fitness instructor, you will also have the ability to influence the health of class participants. In this new way of life, fitness and fun go hand in hand and you will be leading the fitness community towards a better health and fitness level. As a Kangoo Jumps instructor, you will be part of a worldwide fitness community and can choose to purchase your own equipment or rent them to start classes.

If you’re wondering how much it costs to become a Kangoo Jumps instructor, here’s some information to help you figure out the cost of becoming a trainer. For one thing, you need to invest in your boots. Kangoo Jumps boots can accommodate a wide range of weights. It is recommended that you seek out a trained instructor who will help you determine the right tension for your class.

If you’re interested in becoming a Kangoo Jumps instructor, you need to know that the program includes a series of workouts designed to increase cardiovascular endurance, strengthen the body, and improve coordination. Kangoo Jumps instructors also teach a variety of group fitness classes, including TRX and indoor cycling. There are many other benefits to becoming a trainer, so check out the list below.

Classes offered in Chicago

The newest trend in fitness is bouncing, and Chicago has many options for this fun exercise. Many Chicago fitness centers offer Bouncing classes, and if you’re looking to become a Kangoo Jumps instructor, you’ll find a variety of classes in the area. Chicago-based Bounce Fitness is offering special classes for instructors and will be offering a certification training course for instructors. They are the only training facility in the US to offer this certification training course, and have been featured in TimeOut Chicago as one of the best workouts in the city.

Whether you’re interested in teaching Kangoo Jumps, or just want to learn how to do them yourself, classes include fun movement patterns, challenging exercises, and the ultimate reward – an incredible workout! Classes last anywhere from four to six hours, and can burn up to 700 calories per class. Kangoo Jumps is a great way to lose weight or tone up your body. The fitness program was created by Elizabeth Larkham, an active military mother and wife who started the program at the San Diego Naval Hospital and former Walter Reed Medical Center.

There are many Chicago locations of the Kangoo Jumps franchise. Many of these locations are owned by the same company, and many instructors are part of the same franchise. Kangoo Jumps instructors in Chicago often offer a variety of classes to their clients. Classes range from Chicago stepping to boot camp aerobics, from pole dancing to kickboxing. There are even Michael Jackson Tribute Dance classes. If you’re looking for a Chicago Kangoo Jumps instructor, contact the official distributor for more information.

Cost of kangoo jumps versus other fitness programs

There are a few things to consider before committing to purchasing a pair of Kangoo Jumps. The basic model will run you about $250. It will come with a weight limit of about 200 pounds. The price of the Special Edition is higher at $230, but if you can get by with a smaller budget, you can save money on this product. In addition to the low price, it comes in three different colors.

Kangoo Jumps are designed for people of all fitness levels, including beginners. The exercise includes jumping and bouncing in a controlled, rhythmic manner. They are a great way to burn calories and build up endurance and core strength. It is a great way to prevent childhood obesity and combat the stress experienced by kids today. You will also benefit from the shoes, which look like rollerblades but have treads on them.

The cost of a Kangoo Jumps lesson can vary widely, depending on the level of the club you join. Despite its simple nature, there are many rules and techniques to consider before investing in this form of fitness. It is important to choose a class taught by an instructor with proper training, who will provide you with a certificate or diploma of attendance. It is important to pay attention to the cost of a Kangoo Jumps class before you start, because prices may be lower than what you could have paid if you’d attended an expensive class elsewhere.

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