How to Break the Stronghold of Lust

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

The first step to overcoming lust is to identify your triggers and eliminate them. Try blocking certain websites, putting away your cell phone at specific times, and making an accountability partner check in. Once you have identified the triggers, practice different methods of distressing yourself. You may find that one of them triggers lustful thoughts in you. It is best to start with a specific method and practice it consistently for at least two weeks before you see any significant change.

Relationship with God

If you want to break the stronghold of lust, a relationship with God is the key. A broken heart is a sacrifice pleasing to God. You can repent of your lustful thoughts, and receive forgiveness from God. Psalm 51 is a great place to do so. It is a place of repentance, where you can be honest with God and ask Him for forgiveness.

To fight lust, first get to know the irresistible glory of God. Meditate on His Word night and day. Read solid books on God and pray for sensitive hearts. You may also want to make commitments for your soul. For more information on building a relationship with God, read Hebrews 5: 12-14. Then, start practicing. Try to avoid the situations that trigger lustful thoughts.

In addition to a personal relationship with Jesus, your Bible is a great help in overcoming lust. The Bible is full of powerful promises from God, and it will help you stop living in the sinful desires of your heart. It is never too late to break lust. Start your relationship with God today and break the stronghold of lust! Once you have a relationship with God, you can be sure to live a life pleasing to God and others.

The desire for intellectual knowledge is also part of the problem. But it must be governed by honor towards the other person and holiness towards God. If you are lacking honor toward your spouse, then you will have a hard time renouncing lust. It is important to remember that we were created by God in an honorable relationship with one another. That is the reason God made marriage possible. In marriage, a man and a woman make a life-long covenant of honor and mutual honor. Sexual desire becomes part of the spice of this covenant bond of mutual honor.


The power of sonship is an important tool to use in breaking the stronghold of lust. If you are constantly entertaining sexual thoughts, you are entering enemy territory. Only by taking deliberate steps and seeking God’s help will you be able to break the yokes of lust. This article will show you how to use the power of sonship to break the yokes of lust. Moreover, it will help you boost your will power and victory.

In Matthew 17:21, the Lord mentions two methods for breaking demonic strongholds: prayer and fasting. Both methods apply pressure to the spiritual realm. According to Arthur Wallis, pressure is often required before a breakthrough in heavenly warfare. Without prayer and fasting, demonic activity may not be released. Therefore, fasting is an effective tool in overcoming demonic power. It breaks the stronghold of lust by preparing the way for healing.

The Pharisees, for example, tended to fast on Monday and Thursday. They supposedly fasted on those days because they were the days Moses received the law on Mount Sinai. However, Monday and Thursday were also important market days, and this was the day religious leaders were most visible. Christ called them hypocrites. They were praised by the crowds, but they would receive no reward from God.

Understanding lust

Understand what lust really is. Lust is an issue of heart and worship. You must love God to overcome lust. God has made the world and Jesus is the object of his love. When we sin, we hurt God and family. We also hurt ourselves. If we are not committed to our love for God, we will not be able to resist the temptations of lust. The key to overcoming lust is to love God with all your heart.

Understand what lust is and its purpose. Lust is a sexual buzz that occurs indiscriminately. Some people believe that lust is simply natural desire gone astray. But most definitions of lust refer to this desire as normal and has become obsessional. It is not a healthy or godly desire, and must be broken. Those who want to break the stronghold of lust should learn more about Jesus’ blood and his purpose in life.

If you have a serious case of lust, you may not be operating in your calling and gifts. You may have a great power of imagination, but are focusing on ungodly things. You must change your environment, get away from unhealthy influences, and read the word of God to break the stronghold of lust. To help you in this process, here are some helpful ideas:

Experiencing sexual temptations

The first step in breaking the stronghold of lust is to recognize it as a spiritual battle. The natural mind can see nothing wrong with lustful thoughts, but the spirit and word of God will tell you to turn away from those thoughts. Lust is a stronghold that controls our thought life, and only the love of God can free us from it. Therefore, we must examine our thought life and see if we have fallen into sin.

The second step in breaking the stronghold of lust is to realize that you’re in enemy territory if you’re willing to entertain such thoughts. Whenever you feel tempted to act upon these thoughts, make the decision to leave the area. Don’t allow yourself to feel a desire to act, even for a moment. It’s crucial to be aware of the temptation and to get out of it before it has an opportunity to take hold of your heart.

When you’re confronted with sexual temptations, make sure to recognize the spiritual battle that is brewing between you and your lust. Though it can be hard to resist your desires, when they become too overwhelming, God is there to help you overcome it. While it can be tempting to act without God’s direction, it’s vital to realize that lustful behavior contradicts God’s expectations for Christians. So, how do you overcome sexual temptations?


One of the most common problems with lust is its persistence. Lust will sneak up on you and never be satisfied. It is designed to destroy you, just like hell, so you need to be careful how you spend your time. This is not an overnight process; it takes intention and time. Here are a few tips to help you break lust’s stronghold. First, recognize that the lust you have is not from God. It is rooted in shame and pride.

Second, remember that Satan will plant lies in our minds to make us believe that we should act differently. His lies are rooted in unforgiveness and bitterness, and he will harass us with lies. Remember, a pearl starts with a grain of sand and grows into an oyster, protecting itself from harm by growing a layer of nacre. In the same way, lust is rooted in bitterness and unforgiveness.

Knowing God’s holiness

The first step in fighting lust is to know the holiness of God. We can do this by reading God’s Word every day, pondering the pictures of Jesus in the gospels, and examining everything around us as a creation of God. In addition to this, we must pray for a sensitive heart and make commitments to the soul. Knowing God’s holiness breaks the stronghold of lust and enables us to live a sanctified life.

If we have a stronghold on lust, our natural mind will see nothing wrong with it, but the word and spirit of God will tell us that we should stop that behavior. The stronghold of lust is rooted in our thoughts. Instead of focusing on the sinful behavior of others, we should focus on the love of God. This will free us from ungodly thoughts.

Next, we must take responsibility for our stronghold. It is very easy to fall prey to pride. It can be hard to break the stronghold if we don’t understand what it is. Knowing God’s holiness breaks the stronghold of lust because it gives us the strength to stand up against our desires and fight the devil. When we do this, we become stronger and we become a better Christian.

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