How to Resist Fornication

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

There are several ways on how to resist fornication. You should avoid being physically close to your partner, sex-charged music, and inappropriate hugs. Moreover, you should avoid a sex-charged environment, such as a loud party. Avoid having sex with your partner if it’s not the norm in your relationship. You should also avoid the company of people who are intoxicated.

Avoid closeness

The Bible warns against inappropriate touching and closeness which can lead to fornication. It also warns that playing with your partner can increase your chances of provoking sexual feelings, weakening your defense. This article will discuss some of the ways you can avoid closeness to resist fornication. But what exactly should you do? It may surprise you. Continue reading to discover some of the most effective ways to resist fornication.

First, we should keep our self-esteem high. Our Creator created us in His image and for his glory. Self-esteem is crucial because people who lack self-esteem are highly vulnerable to temptation. Low self-esteem is closely connected to fornication. When we are healthy, we can restrain our passions, and we are more able to resist the urge to engage in erotic behavior. Instead of chasing after fornication, we should pursue relationships with people who are patient and discriminatory.

Avoid sex-charged music

To resist fornication, you need to be as harmless as a dove. The Bible warns against fornication, both inside and outside the body. It teaches you to be harmless, as a dove, because fornication begins in the mind with erotic desires. Listening to sex-charged music, even if it is only for yourself, will only increase your chances of being sexually attracted to your partner.

Avoid inappropriate hugging

To resist fornication, avoid hugging your partner. According to 1Thessalonians 4:4, closeness and playfulness increase the risk of sexual feeling. Moreover, it weakens the defense. So, avoid hugging your partner and avoid playing with them. It is better to avoid fornication than to lose the relationship. Despite the fact that we want to be close, we need to protect our bodies and minds from fornication.

Avoid sex-charged movie

While the art of sex-charged movies is an excuse to show violence, pornography, and sexuality scenes, this logic allows for a lot of evil to flourish. While 80% of society can’t handle such scenes, it’s not because they aren’t smart enough to think about what they’re taking in or how to process what they see. Most people simply don’t think about what they’re consuming or how they’re consuming it. In addition, the vast majority of people do not know what they believe or can handle explicit scenes. Therefore, it is simply irresponsible to say that every single person can approach such scenes in an innocent way.

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