How to Destroy the Orphan Spirit

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Are you one of the many people who is plagued by an orphan spirit? Are you looking for ways to defeat it? This article explains the characteristics, symptoms, and ways to overcome it. Keep reading to learn how to defeat an orphan spirit. In the end, you will be able to serve God out of undeserved grace. It’s not hard. Hopefully, this article has given you the information you need to get rid of this spirit and move forward with your life.

Characteristics of an orphan spirit

When it comes to relationships, orphan spirits have the tendency to be jealous and demanding. They cannot recognize others’ success or value their own. They are opposed to brotherly love, harboring a fault-finding attitude toward others, and quick to make accusations against their family and friends. They may be unaware that they have adopted orphan spirits, but they are still functioning emotionally as if they were children of God.

Despite their immaturity, an orphan spirit remains alive and well. They lack an emotional identity and are trying to earn that identity through their own efforts. Some common orphan spirit symptoms include a critical spirit that cannot take criticism, blaming others, and feeling abandoned. You might also be prone to being competitive and insecure. But don’t despair! There are solutions to your orphan spirit’s troubles.

One of the biggest curses of earth today is the orphan spirit. To break free of the orphan spirit, it is necessary to find a spiritual parent with authority and depth. The goal of healing orphan spirits is to transform them into mature sonship. The entire creation is crying out for mature sonship, and the spirit of sonship is the key to that. It is important for orphan spirits to be healed and matured to receive the love of their spiritual father.

In addition to the lack of community and relationship building, orphan spirits often project an invulnerable image and lack the ability to be open. They are overly sensitive and emphatic, and they carry a spirit of assumption and unrealistic relational expectations. As a result, they are constantly switching churches and disregard those who invest in their spiritual growth. And they tend to despise the potential God has placed around them.

Orphan spirits also tend to push down feelings of loneliness, self-worth, and alienation. They may overindulge in self-indulgence. Sonship spirits, on the other hand, walk in the joy of the Father and rely on the affirmation of the Father as their primary identity. The key is to be willing to look beyond yourself and discover the true essence of your identity. This way, you will be able to live in a world of love and joy.


If you are wondering how to defeat the orphan spirit, you have come to the right place. This demonic spirit attacks your mind and emotions, and makes you angry. In addition to making you angry, you may have difficulty with your relationships. If you feel this way, there are several ways to defeat it. Keep reading to learn how. The symptoms of the orphan spirit are similar to those of a jealous spirit.

An orphan spirit manifests itself in the need for success. As the mature son, the Spirit leads you into your calling. Many people strive to accomplish great things for the approval of their father. For example, many leaders use debt to build gigantic buildings. On the other hand, people with a strong sense of sonship allow the Lord to lead them into opportunities. Therefore, how to defeat the orphan spirit symptoms? First, understand the nature of the orphan spirit.

The orphan spirit’s primary symptoms include uncontrollable anger, fits of rage, and manipulation. Most of all, people with orphan spirits have a lack of self-worth and have problems trusting their heavenly Father. They also lack self-esteem, and seek to prove themselves better than others. And while it may be tempting to indulge in self-indulgence, the only thing that can fill these emotional needs is the love of God. The sonship spirit’s identity rests in the father’s power to control the future.

The orphan spirit can affect an individual, a group of people, a city, a country, or even an entire people group. While there are many ways to deal with the symptoms of an orphan spirit, you must do your best to deal with them. Remember to use the techniques of Leif Hetland and other masters of the field in order to combat the spirit. This is the best way to defeat the orphan spirit.

Ways to overcome

One of the most frustrating things in life is the orphan spirit. It holds you back from living out your purpose and calling. It also taints your perception of male figures, such as God the Father. There are ways to defeat this spirit. Here are some practical ways to do so:

The first way to defeat the orphan spirit is to realize that it exists. In our society, the orphan spirit is one of the biggest curses on earth today. As spiritual parents, we must have authority and spiritual depth. Healing fatherlessness releases us to become mature sons of God. The cry of the world is for mature sons of God, but we are not yet there. The only way we can achieve this is by allowing the Lord to guide us and bring opportunities.

The second way to defeat the orphan spirit is to learn to identify its manifestation in you. Many orphan spirits are characterized by a sense of loneliness and alienation. They do not recognize others’ success and seek relief from counterfeit sources. They make others feel inadequate and unimportant. And they do this because they lack confidence in their own ministry. They will use the fear of rejection to keep themselves from growing. It is crucial to understand the nature of the orphan spirit to defeat it and move towards a healthy, fulfilling life.

The orphan spirit is the result of Adam and Eve’s fall. It grew up feeling alienated from the Father. This spirit constantly sought validation from others and felt that he was not good enough. Eventually, it was driven to outdo others to be good enough. However, we must remember that the orphan spirit’s needs for validation are not the same as ours. This is because the orphan spirit is born out of a broken family, which is a satanic mindset. As a result, it is not worthy of being a son.

In other words, the orphan spirit will try to distract us from our primary identity, the Father’s love. If we can’t see the Father, we won’t recognize our true identity in God, and we’ll always be seeking validation from others. Oftentimes, we’ll try to distract ourselves from it through physical stimulation. Ultimately, the orphan spirit will try to medicate its deep inner alienation with other forms of physical stimulation. In contrast, a sonship spirit is grounded in his Father’s control over our future, and walks in joy.

In a recent seminar, Pastor Guy Takashima provided insight into the freedom of orphaned spirits. The author of several books on the subject offers practical ways to overcome orphaned spirits. While this may seem like a difficult task, the truth is that God is the answer to this spiritual problem. Jesus fought against satan to take people from difficult backgrounds and adopt them into His family.

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