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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

When using a kuripe, you need to know how to load the rap medicine. First, measure the rap on your left hand and place the appropriate amount on the kuripe. Next, load the Kuripe applicator with rap medicine, and then tap the hand to break up any air pockets. After this, insert the kuripe into your mouth. Then, inhale and relax.


Using a kuripe is an easy, yet effective method to relieve stress and enhance your mental focus. There are several different ways you can use this product. You can use a handheld version, which is often easier to handle. Then, you can purchase a larger version if you’re planning on smoking more often. Both methods require you to prepare the material before using it. Before using a handheld version, it’s recommended that you spend some time focusing on your breath and repeating an internal mantra. This will help you to silence the mental chatter and focus on your task at hand.

A typical Kuripe pipe is made from two hollow tubes that are joined at an angle. The mouth piece is shorter than the nose piece. A well-designed kuripe has both a shorter and longer nose piece, allowing the user to get the most out of their experience. Using a kuripe is a great way to unwind after a long day at work. Just remember to follow the directions carefully.

Another option is to use a V-shaped pipe that has two nostrils. The V-shaped pipe is crafted from quality coconut wood, while the main body is made from the sacred caapi vine, a plant of life and death and a teacher of the arts. Using a kuripe requires you to have a certain amount of experience with snuff. A kuripe can have two nostrils to enhance its effect.

A kuripe made of wood is a traditional method of self-administration of rape. While traditionally made from hollow bones, the most popular material for kuripe today is bamboo wood. Bamboo wood is light and highly portable, and is often used for this purpose. The best thing to remember when using a kuripe is to treat it like a sacred object. It contains a powerful medicinal herb, so it should be treated with respect.


To enjoy the aromatic properties of rape kuripe, it is essential to know how to use it. To begin, take a deep breath and then place the pipe’s correct ends inside your left nostril. Next, gently exhale through the pipe’s hollow V-shaped elbow. The sensation is both a mild and pleasant peppery burn. Before you start raping, make sure to wait a minute between applications. Having tissues handy may help you wipe away any excess powder.

To use a Kuripe, begin by holding it in your hand at the top of your third eye, or in the crease of your hand on your left and right nostrils. Once it has been positioned in your hand, you can tap it into your nostrils. You can also divide a piece of Rape by using the pointed end. Repeat the process until you have absorbed the entire amount of Rape.

After you’ve found a Kuripe, you should practice with it before you purchase it. You can buy a Kuripe from a local store, a psytrance festival, or a hippie community. If you’re not sure which one to purchase, look for reviews. Alternatively, you can find a Kuripe on a website like Etsy. It’s best to read reviews and try one before buying.

To administer Rapeh, the first step is to make sure you have a clean kuripe. The kuripe is small and handheld, and it is often tied to a string or worn around the neck. The design was conceived to make it easy for the shaman or hierarchical senior to administer Rapeh. In South America, the kuripe is usually used by the shaman or tribal leader as a ceremonial instrument during ceremonies and rites of passage.


The kuripe is a self-applicator used for passing rape. They are made of durable and lightweight materials. The size of a kuripe is approximately six to seven centimeters. It is also used to pass rape to oneself. Several Brazilian indigenous tribes use kuripes as personal magical talismans. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

A typical Kuripe pipe is a V-shaped piece of bamboo with a nose and mouthpiece joined at an angle. A well-designed Kuripe is smaller at the nose end and longer at the mouth. Both the snuff pipe and the nosepiece should be roughly equal in size. Often, the size of a kuripe is dependent on the shape of the smoker’s mouth and the desired flow.

A kuripe has a long and short end, one for mouth and the other for nostrils. When you use a kuripe for the first time, you can tip a small amount of Rape into the crease of your hand. This will ensure that the Rape stays at the center of your hand. Once it is in the middle, use the nose tip of the Kuripe to tap a small amount into your nostril. You can use the pointed end of the kuripe to divide it into two parts, one for each nostril.

Cleaning a kuripe is simple. To do this, you can use cotton buds or a Q-Tip. You can also use a cotton bud to clean the inside of the barrels. If you don’t have cotton buds, you can use a lighter to sterilize the kuripe. Then, leave it to dry at room temperature. Once dry, you can use it for another smoke session.


While a handheld Kuripe may be confusing, most Rapeh enthusiasts will use a step-by-step application process to achieve maximum results. The process starts with a few minutes of relaxation and preparation. You can quiet your mind by focusing on your breathing and repeating an internal mantra. Once you have calmed your mind, the process is relatively simple. Once you are done applying the Rapeh, you should let it dry for about 10 minutes.

A kuripe has two parts, one for the mouth and the other for the nostril. If you are using the kuripe for the first time, you may want to tip a small amount into the middle of your hand. The tip of the Kuripe is used for the nose and the pointed end can be used to divide the Rape into two parts. Once you are satisfied with the amount of Rape in each part, you can divide it with the pointy end.

The pipe is made of bamboo or putty. Most kuripes are hollowed out and V-shaped. Double-Nosed Kuripes are designed to fit the nostrils of the user. Kuripes are also available with a two-in-one design for self-administration. Many are made from bamboo, horn, or hollowed out wood. If you’re new to the rape practice, a basic Kuripe will be a good choice.

Rape is a sacred shamanic medicine that has been used by tribal members of the Amazon basin for thousands of years. The rape is not sniffed or snorted; rather, it is blown into the nostrils with a special blowpipe. You can administer rape yourself or have someone else administer the herb to you. Just make sure you’re using the right intention before administering it.


While cleaning a pipe is a simple task, if you frequently smoke Rapeh or have used the same one for a long time, you’ll notice that the tins and barrels of the pipes have a tarry buildup. To prevent this, you’ll want to follow a proper cleaning protocol. Cleaning with a Kuripe is easy and requires no special tools. Regular cleaning will prevent tarry buildup in the nasal end of the pipe.

Kuripe is available in many different sizes and can cost anywhere from PS15 to PS200. Cleaning a kuripe is as simple as using soft tissue to wipe down the kuripe barrel. For cleaning inside the barrels, you’ll need a cotton bud or Q-Tip. A lighter or candle flame is also an option for sterilization. However, be sure to thoroughly dry the kuripe after each use.

To use a kuripe, lean forward as you clean with it to reduce the dripping on your back. While cleaning, try to feel the ground with your hands to help you focus on cleaning the kuripe correctly. By following these instructions, you’ll soon be a pro at using the kuripe. In addition to cleaning your kuripe, you should also try using other shamanic cleansing products.

Using a kuripe is easy and cheap. It is handcrafted in the Sierra Nevada foothills and can be used as a self-administered rape pipe. Bamboo kuripes are commonly used because bamboo is cheap and easy to work with. Bone kuripes, on the other hand, are made of animal bones. They are much harder to find and are generally more expensive. However, they are regarded as a spiritual tool and carry the spirit of the animal that is used for ceremonial purposes.

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