How to Use Weave Wonder Wrap

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Weave Wonder Wrap is a type of bonded hair extension. It is applied with a tint brush. It should be applied over molded, dry hair, and left to dry for ten to fifteen minutes. Then, apply a small amount of Salon pro 30 Sec Super Hair Bond Glue to the wefts and foundation of the wrap. Allow the glue to dry, and then proceed to apply styling products. Then, shampoo and style as desired.

Salon Pro 30 Sec Moroccan Argan Oil Weave Wonder Wrap

To apply the Salon Pro 30 sec Moroccan Argan Oil Weaves Wonder Wrap, start by applying an anti-itch serum to the entire scalp. Once the serum has completely dries, wrap the hair tightly with the gel and apply a blow dryer to dry the wrap. Once the wrap has dried, wash the hair to remove the gel. Shampoo the wrap after ten to fifteen minutes. For best results, follow the instructions on the packaging.

The Salon Pro 30 Second Moroccan Argan Oil Weave Wonder Wrap is a protective shield that helps maintain new hair while it is being bonded to existing strands. This wrap protects strands by creating a healing barrier between the glue and the hair, and prevents a dreadful scalp itch. The Argan oil inside the wrap infuses hair with vital protein and botanical oils, making it softer and stronger. The wrap is easy to apply and remove, and works well with a bonded weave or wig.

The wrapping foundation is designed to prepare the hair before glueing, and to condition it while the glue is setting. It also imparts strength to the hair, and delivers nutrients and conditioners. This wrapping foundation also provides ease and comfort during glueing. It can even be used for permanent hair extensions. And if you are planning to glue your new wig or weave, it’s time to invest in the products that will make your job easier.

It protects hair when you apply a bonded weave

One of the best ways to protect your hair while you apply a bonded weaving process is to wear a special cap that will prevent any glue from damaging it. A wig cap with a stocking closure is not recommended, as it will allow the bonding glue to seep through and bond directly to your own hair. A dome or liquid cap is better, since it creates an invisible protective layer. The glue will be applied to this invisible layer.

Before applying the Wonder Wrap, it is important to use tint brush to color the wrap. Apply the wrap onto your dry, molded hair, and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. After a couple of minutes, apply Salon pro 30 Sec Super Hair Bond Glue to the wefts and wrap foundation. Let the glue dry before styling your hair. After the glue has completely dried, remove the wrap with warm water. Shampoo the hair to remove any glue residue, and then apply conditioner.

Weave wonder wrap is a good option for protecting your hair during gluing. It preserves your hair while adding strength and shine. It also contains conditioners and essential nutrients that enhance your natural hair. Aside from protecting your hair during the gluing process, this product also provides additional benefits. For example, it delivers keratin and moisture to the hair, and also prevents the spread of fungus and bacteria.

It removes easily

The Wonder Wrop is designed to prepare hair for weaving, as well as to preserve and condition it while weaving. It offers ease and comfort during the weaving process, while imparting strength and keratin to the hair. It delivers nutrients and conditioners to the hair, making the process a breeze. The Wonder Wrap removes easily, too. And unlike other hair wraps, it is reusable, meaning you can keep using it.

The Weave Wonder Wrap is made of a breathable fabric that protects the hair while you wear a bonded style. It provides a healing barrier between the glue and your scalp, helping prevent hair loss and itchiness. It also contains 100% Argan Oil, which infuses hair with vital proteins and botanical oils. After a few weeks, you can shampoo and remove the weave with just warm water. Weave Wonder Wraps are also easy to remove.

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