How to Dye a Furby Hair

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

There are a few different ways to dye a Furby’s hair. One method is the Tie-dye method. This method is more time-consuming but will result in a unique and colorful Furby. The key to success is to use a dye-safe T-shirt and a Marker. You should leave the shirt and Furby to air-dry for about an hour. If you prefer to dye your Furby’s hair, however, you can use the following steps.

Tie-dye Furby

A Tie-Dye Furby is a 1998 Generation 4 Furby. It features patchy body fur in several colors, including purple, peachy-orange, green, blue, and yellow. It also has an off-white faceplate and stomach fur. It also has white eyelashes and dark-off-white inner ears. The fresh version of the Tie-Dye Furby was released in September 1999.

Tie-dye T-shirt

In this article, we’re going to show you how to tie-dye a furry T-shirt to celebrate the new Furby t-shirt collection that launched earlier this year. This limited-edition line was created with the help of Furby himself, and is intended to bring back fond memories of our youth. So, if you’d like to get your hands on one, read on.


If you’ve ever wondered how to dye a Furby with marker, this article will help you. First, you’ll want to part the fur. This allows you to get the color from all sides of the fibers. Then, use a dye marker to color all sides. You’ll want to keep a close eye on the color because it can rub off on anything. You can also use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

Air drying

If you want to dye your Furby’s hair, you can follow the steps outlined below. First, use a paint brush to paint the lower part of the fur. Next, apply a paint wash to the hair tuft. Once the paint is applied, leave the Furby to air dry for one hour. Once the hair dries, brush the fur with a toothbrush to remove clumps.

To remove the eyechip, you first have to unscrew the two pieces of white plastic on the Furby’s faceplate. The plastic is held in place with metal rods. You may have to use a pencil to poke the hole. You can also use hot glue to remove the eyechip, but you must be very careful when using it because it will damage the plastic. When finished, remove the eyes and the plastic parts.

After the dye has been applied, the fur should be thoroughly dried. A fan may help speed up the process. Do not use a hair dryer or any other heat-based item to dry the fur. The heat will melt the fur fibers and make them clumpy. Always allow your Furby to air dry thoroughly before using it again. If you are unsure of how to air dry your Furby, refer to the instructions listed above.

To apply the dye, you need to part the fur. Once this is done, apply the color evenly across the fibers and comb it through. Make sure you have paper towels nearby. Depending on the desired effect, you may need to use a hair dryer to help your furby dry. And remember: don’t paint over the hair, as it can cause the color to rub off onto other things.

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