How to Write a High School AU

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

The most difficult aspect of writing an AU is changing a character’s personality. This is especially problematic when the change has no rationale. While stripping the fandom of any supernatural elements is fine, you should make sure your characters retain their original personalities. High School AUs are often filled with supernatural elements, but they should always have their own rationale. If you’re not sure how to write a High School AU, here are some guidelines for starting your story.


When writing a High School AU, one of the biggest problems that arise is the change in the original personalities of characters. If you change a character’s personality, you need to give your reader a good reason why. You can add or remove the supernatural elements in the fandom, but you have to keep the original personalities of the characters intact. Here are some tips on how to write a High School AU:

One of the best things about High School AUs is the diversity of characters. You can write the story of a girl who lost her mother at a young age and is trying to rebuild her life, or you can write about a rich boy who struggles to fit in and find his place in the world. These stories can be very diverse, and they can be quite heartwarming. But what if you are writing about a famous character?

The first thing you need to consider is your audience. If your audience is Harry Potter fans, you probably won’t be writing High School AUs, which is a popular genre for those who don’t like teen dramas. In that case, you can write a College AU instead. Unless you’re really serious about writing a High School AU, you should write a fic with characters from another fandom.

Genshin fics have become incredibly popular. For example, the creator of the popular Voltron fandom has been writing fics featuring Plance and Klance. However, these fics have often involved Teen Pregnancy, which can be a major plot point for fans. Lastly, the Genshin AU trope is popular in anime, as well. You can even find High School AU fanfic in anime!

Another common trope for high school AUs is the changing of the characters’ backgrounds. Characters from different fandoms will often meet at high school and meet in their adulthoods. High school AUs are also popular in manga, since most shounen and shoujo heroes are still in their teen years. In fact, many fandoms have an entirely different concept of a high school.


One of the most common mistakes when creating an AU is to change the original personalities of characters. Characters shouldn’t change their personalities without a strong reason. However, if you’re setting a High School AU, you should keep the original personalities of the characters intact. Depending on your fandom, you can include elements of magic or the supernatural in your AU. However, you should never remove the original personalities of the characters.

The Bible is a classic example. A high school AU of this classic tale would have the characters become teachers and students. A similar trope could be used in fanfictions featuring the characters of The Bible. In one such series, the children of God are the teachers and students of the Democratic Party. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert would be the principal and vice president, respectively. A similar premise would be explored in another series: Lil’ Bush, which follows the major figures of the George W. Bush administration as kids. This AU of the Bible could be made of several different types of characters, including The Book of Genesis.

Another popular trope of the Superman universe would be setting the AU in a high school. This can be done by removing certain parts of the canon. The two most popular versions of this trope are the Official Fanfic University of Middle-Earth and Smallville. In the latter case, the characters are Earthlings. The High School AU could be subverted a bit by adding Ancient Conspiracy elements.

Another example of a high school AU is the one that involves Dean and Castiel. The fandom is largely based on the popular TV show. The plot of the episode involves Dean surviving his freshman year, maintaining his friendship with Castiel, and dealing with a personal archenemy. This AU often involves the characters reliving the events of their previous lives, while preventing evil from taking over the world.

Dramatic framing device

The use of a dramatic framing device in a high school English novel is an effective way to establish themes and create a sense of tone. Often, the framing device occurs as a narrative setup or narrator is explaining a life experience. In one such case, a high school au narrator explains how he knows how to answer a game show question, while the main theme is poverty.

Historically, the use of this device dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Examples of this technique can also be found in Homer’s epic Greek poetry, Islamic Golden Age folk tales, and classic British literature. It is important to note that this literary device is not a new concept, and its use allows writers to anticipate how their audiences will respond. Moreover, it is a good way to engage students in readings and essays written in the English language.

Generally, this technique is used in speeches and writings. It introduces a character and sets the tone of the story. It also serves as an outer frame story, adding thematic meaning to the main narrative. Sometimes, a single framing device is not enough. Framing devices can be used in combination with other plot techniques, and flashbacks are often used to establish the main narrative within a framing device.

A dramatic framing device has to be used carefully, and must be relevant to the main theme. Otherwise, it might be perceived as blatant exposition or laziness by the audience. A good framing device must also serve a purpose beyond providing clarity. If it is too blatant, it may come across as lazy, causing the story to lack context. If used correctly, a framing device can add a lot to an au’s plot and tone.

Character’s personality

If you want to write a high school AU, one of the first things you need to figure out is the setting. Some high schools are set in foreign countries or have non-traditional settings, such as a rural high school. There are two types of AUs: canon AUs and alternate universe AUs. While canon AUs focus on the setting and the characters, alternate universe AUs concentrate on the plot, relationships, and storyline.

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