When Does New Agent Come Out Valorant?

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Anna Donlon confirmed that Valorant will not be adding a new Agent to Episode 2 but will be focusing on Act 3 updates. The developers will be making several changes to the Agent balance, existing maps, and other features to encourage good player behavior. In addition to that, the new Agent will be more ranked-oriented than before. This change will give the Valorant dev team some breathing room.

Fade is a lethal huntress

As Valorant continues to expand its Agent roster, the latest character to join the fray is a lethal huntress with dark abilities that make her deadly. Fade is an apex predator from Turkey who uses fear to terrify enemies. Her cryptic abilities are a hint that the game’s new Agent is going to be an Initiator. She will be able to reveal the location of enemies to help her teammates gain an advantage in the battle.

The update will also include a battle pass, a new lethal huntress named Fade, a new skin called Ragna-Rock Out, the UltraBright Torch, a Deep Divisions Buddy, an Axe skin, and a lethal huntress. The Valorant battle pass is a new feature and costs 1,000 VP. Players can purchase Fade at the Valorant store and gain access to all the new features.

The ability “Haunt” allows Fade to reveal enemy agents who are in her line of sight. The ability “Prowler” sends out a creature to hunt down enemies. The Seize ability makes an enemy vulnerable. The initiation tactics are great for duelists, as Fade is likely to be a strong pick in professional play. However, Fade can become overpowered in 1v1 clutch situations.

Fade’s Q ability is another new ability, and is an extremely effective tool in combination with the Prowler. Haunt travels long distances and confuses enemy crosshair placement. It also leaves terror trails behind it, deafened, and decayed enemies. It’s not surprising that Fade will be a lethal huntress once again.

While most agents aren’t very strong after the release, Fade is one of the stronger agents in the game, and it is worth keeping an eye out for her. The new agent’s abilities may surprise players and shake up the meta. She’s an excellent option in Ranked, where her high win rate is a great advantage. While the new agent will change the game, it’s crucial to understand what her abilities will be before playing with her.

She may be able to hack

When does new agent come out valorant? The new agent is codenamed BountyHunter, which could mean she will be a totem. While we don’t know exactly what she will do, the name is enigmatic and could be anything from a hacker to an agent with a new ability. While Riot has not officially announced the new agent, they have revealed a teaser video that suggests she may have some kind of special ability.

The new agent is expected to make her debut in Valorant Episode 3, Act 1. The game’s new codename, KAY/O, is a code name that dataminers have identified. The new agent will come with competitive revamps, skin bundles, and the ability to hack the game’s server. Once this new agent is released, we will know how hackers and cheaters plan to take advantage of these new abilities.

The next VALORANT Agent is currently under development by Riot Games. He’ll be a direct competition for Sova, and will probably join the Initiators’ roster. The reveal of the new agent will help answer tons of lore-related questions. For example, many players are still curious about the origins of agent eight and the mirror-verse. They’d also want to know how agent eight ties in to Chamber.

Killjoy, a popular data miner, has also leaked information on the next Agent. He posted a cryptic image on Twitter. It is possible that the Agent will focus on countering opponents instead of hacking. He has been rumored for months, and the name hasn’t been officially revealed by Riot. In the meantime, fans will have to wait and see what kind of agent this new Agent will be.

The next Valorant agent is a new Initiator, codenamed Bounty Hunter. The previous agent was named Neon. It is unclear what her powers are, but the codename suggests that the new agent will be a bounty hunter. In January 2022, Riot Games unveiled Agent Neon, a new Initiator who’s a bounty hunter. The game’s release date has not yet been confirmed, but the developers confirmed that the next Valorant Agent would spawn in Episode 4 Act 3.

She replaces Sprinter as the game’s fastest Agent

The newest Valorant agent, codenamed “Sprinter,” has been accidentally leaked on Amazon Prime Gaming. Though her performance and look have yet to be revealed, we can expect new character artwork and abilities very soon. As the fastest Agent, she will be the one to beat all the other Valorant agents in speed and agility. The name “Sprinter” is an obvious reference to the agent’s speed and agility.

Her video title translates to “I hope you’re struck by lightning!” in Tagalog, the Philippines’ national language. This confirms that she is female and from Manila, Philippines. She is also a Radiant, which means she possesses electric damage powers. This makes her the ideal Agent for the game’s fast-paced missions. While it remains unclear when the new agent will be released, she will replace the current fastest Agent, Sprinter.

Neon also has a role in the Alpha-Omega Bridge, which sends personnel and goods between two worlds. In Valorant’s Fracture map, she was one of the two Agents who damaged the teleportation device. She replaces Sprinter as the game’s fastest Agent. The game’s teleportation device is the main cause of Neon’s damage.

She joins the Initiator roster

Riot Games has finally revealed the identity of the upcoming new Valorant agent, Fade. This lethal huntress, hailing from Turkey, uses fear to terrorize her enemies. Fade joins a growing list of characters that have joined the game’s Agent roster. As the fifth Initiator, Fade will pose a formidable opponent to the popular Sova. Fade is a product of Riot’s recent inspiration from League of Legends, and she comes with a special tracking ability called decay. Fade is a paranoid hunter who can also use decay to track down enemies.

According to a recent interview with Anna Donlon, the next Valorant Agent is set to be revealed in Act 3 of the game’s storyline. Although the next Agent will not be released until Act 3, the game’s creators are planning a large amount of updates. These updates will improve Agent balance, improve existing maps, and promote good player behavior. The goal of these updates is to improve the game’s ranked experience and give the Valorant dev team some breathing space before launching the next Agent.

Riot Games first announced that the new agent would not be available in Act 2 of Valorant. Since then, the developer has been working to improve the game’s health. In fact, the developer of the game revealed that Fade will be coming to the grand final on April 26, 2022. In a recent tweet, Riot Games also revealed the name of the new Agent, Fade, and revealed that she comes from Turkey. The full reveal trailer will be revealed at the grand final on Sunday.

Riot Games has released a teaser for Agent 19 in Valorant, revealing that the new agent is a Duelist. Moreover, Agent 19 is referred to as “lightning” in the teaser. The teaser also mentions the ability to move fast. In addition, the codename for Agent 19 is “Sprinter.”

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