When Does the Eagle Artillery Activate?

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

You may have been wondering when does the Eagle Artillery activate. This article will cover the changes at level four, including Activation, Damage, and Abilities. In this article, I’ll cover what you can expect from this unique unit. So, get ready to deploy this unit! The changes at level four are quite a few! Take a look at the chart below and find out what to expect.

Changes at level 4

The Eagle Artillery is one of the main tier three troops, and its changes at level four are significant. First, its base is now made of metal plating. Next, the base has extra tall side plates. Finally, the pentagonal bolt is surrounded by side plates that connect to the carpet. Finally, the base metal has a slight bluish hue. Last, it has golden tips on its wings.

The Eagle Artillery can fire a volley of three successive shots, each dealing small splash damage in a small radius and medium splash damage in a wide radius. It also knocks back smaller troops. The Eagle Artillery’s range is almost unlimited, and unlike the mortar, it can target the entire map instead of a small area near it. There are two levels of this artillery.

The first level of Eagle Artillery is the basic version, and the next level is the upgraded version. The new version uses a different weapon and shell design. The Eagle Artillery also changes the color of the shoulder armor. Now, the side plates have spikes instead of bolts. It also changes the shape of its corner supports. This change in style means that it is the most versatile tier four artillery in the game.

At level 4, the Eagle’s armor and weapon design change as well. The head feathers are now longer, and a blue arrow shape is added to the top of the eagle’s head. The gold plate underneath it now is smaller and is solid light blue. The shoulder plate is also changed to a pale blue color. The front and side corner supports are larger and have large spikes. Lastly, the base is now purple with black metal pillars on the sides.


You can activate Eagle Artillery by placing an eagle head on an iron podium. Its base is made of iron, rock, or gold. Eagle Artillery has two levels and can be used to kill golems. It can be destroyed by golems, hybrid attacks, or DPS troops. Every volley will recalculate its targets. The Eagle Artillery’s base is made of a light bluish metal with a golden tip.

The Eagle Artillery is an excellent defensive unit. It has a large dead zone that can be used to draw the enemy’s attention. It is also effective when deployed near the center of the base. It can deal three times as much damage to Golems, which can make it useful against weak units. You can place a Mortar nearby to use it in a pinch. The Eagle Artillery deals a lot of damage to Golems.

This defence takes up the longest time to deplete its ammunition. It has an unusual sound effect when activated, and reloading it will make an eagle cry sound. The only other defence that has an activation animation is the Eagle Artillery. The other three defenses only start shooting as soon as an enemy troop gets within range. You can see how much damage the Eagle Artillery deals by checking its icon on the right side of the screen.


The Damage caused by Eagle Artillery is double what is dealt by Mortar. If you’re using the artillery, it’s best to bring Freeze Spells, and deploy them thoughtfully. The only downside to freezing incoming shells is that they’re useless in reload breaks, and you’ll be unable to use them for any other purpose. If you want to avoid Eagle Artillery damage, use BARCH, Haste Spell, or Rage Spell to keep mass Dragons away from the target zone.

When using Eagle Artillery, you’ll have three shots fired at a unit in a volley. These shots deal small splash damage in a big radius and knock back smaller troops. The damage caused by each volley is based on the “heat map,” which means it’ll hit the area with the highest density of hitpoints. It recalculates its targets every time it fires.

While Eagle Artillery can cause tons of damage, it also has a large dead zone that prevents it from affecting a lot of troops. You can easily avoid this by spreading your troops throughout the map. This will help you focus your attack on enemy tanks and prevent them from getting into the funnel. However, you’ll also need to know when to use Eagle Artillery, and where to position it. Once you’re a pro at using Artillery, you’ll be able to make the most of it.


The Eagle Artillery is a unit of heavy armour that has the ability to destroy buildings in its path. However, it has a 6 tile blind spot and needs a certain number of housing space units to activate. At ClashCon, Jonas mentioned that this unit can also be used to kill a kill squad. If you are using it against an Eagle Artillery, timing is everything.

When you use the Eagle Artillery, it will attack the highest tile on the map. This tile must contain a large cluster of troops, as the damage that the unit deals is multiplied by three. The damage that it does to tanks and Golems is significant, but you must spread the troops around to get the best possible position. If you can’t get the Eagle Artillery into the target area, you can use other types of attack to take out the target.

The Eagle Artillery’s fires a volley of three consecutive shots. Each shot deals a high amount of damage, with a small splash. This attack can knock smaller troops back. When the Eagle Artillery is activated, they use a “heat map” to determine where they will be targeted by the enemy. Each time they fire a volley, they recalculate their targets.


The Eagle Artillery is one of the many units in the game. The barrel is hexagon shaped, and has bright lights pulsing around it. The unit only attacks when there are 180 troops deployed. This unit is incredibly powerful because it deals 3x damage to Golems and can easily destroy them with its exploding shells. It costs Golds to activate, and can be very useful for taking out weak units in the game.

To activate the Eagle Artillery, you must have at least five points in your army. When you have a large number of units in your army, you should spend a lot of time on ensuring that they are all fully equipped. It is a good idea to stock up on some extra weapons and gear, as well as a few more items for the Eagle Artillery. In addition to these, you can also get other bonuses. If you have a lot of Eagle Artillery units, you should have enough gold to buy them, but if you don’t have enough money to buy them, you can also use the cost to your advantage.

As for the price of Eagle Artillery activation, the unit costs 18,000,000 gold, and will activate after you have deployed two hundred housing spaces. However, this cost includes the costs of heroes and spells. To be sure that your unit is fully equipped, you should consider the cost of Eagle Artillery activation and the amount you have to spend on your troops before purchasing them. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice your troops just to get the best gear in the game!


One of the defenses for Town Hall 11 is the Eagle Artillery. It has a short dead zone and a wide range, which will be crucial for your positioning. The Eagle Artillery’s target reticle will appear on the screen whenever you fire it. This defense unit activates when a certain number of enemies enters the screen. This unit is powerful, but slow. You can place it near the center of your base to deal extra damage against Golems.

The Eagle Artillery has a blind spot of 6 tiles, and requires a certain number of housing space units to activate. Jonas has mentioned that he’s seen kill squads using Eagle Artillery on his stream at ClashCon, and he has not had any trouble finding a way to make this happen. But if you’re not that lucky, you can try another strategy.

The Eagle Artillery’s range is between seven and fifty tiles. This weapon is incredibly powerful against enemies with high health and high armor. Its area splash and Area damage make it an extremely effective choice. You should always remember that your troops need to be in range to activate the Eagle Artillery, so make sure you have enough troops deployed to be able to use it effectively. This can be a huge advantage in battles between heroes.

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