How Long Does It Take A Rectal Rocket To Dissolve?


A rectal rocket is a type of suppository. Its flared bottom and countoured frontend make it easy to insert, prevent it from falling into the rectum, and treat external hemorrhoids. It is also known as a troche. It is an oral suppository that dissolves between the cheek and gum over the course of 30 minutes.

Duration of treatment

The first step in treating internal hemorrhoids with a rectal rocket is to determine which type of hemorrhoid you have. The Rectal Rocket is a flexible, contoured device with a flared bottom. The special groove helps it stay in place in the rectum. It’s designed to help patients who have internal hemorrhoids heal more quickly. The duration of treatment for rectal rockets can range from 3 days to several weeks.

Traditional suppositories are ineffective because they lapse into the rectum, losing direct contact with the inflamed tissue. Another drawback of traditional suppositories is that they lapse into the colon and do not treat hemorrhoids. The Rectal Rocket is designed to hold the medication at the receptor site and treat internal and external hemorrhoids simultaneously. This treatment is also much more comfortable than using a suppository. Another advantage is that the Rectal Rocket does not have to be inserted into the rectum. Unlike traditional suppositories, the Rectal Rocket stays at the site of inflammation, which provides relief for hours.

One of the benefits of Rectal Rockets is its unique shape. The rectal rocket is made of hydrocortisone and lidocaine. The rectal rocket has a contoured front end and flared bottom that helps the medication stay in place in the rectum. In addition, it is designed to stay in place in the anus for four to six hours after insertion. The unique design of the Rectal Rocket allows patients to expede gas without losing the suppository.

Side effects

While the active ingredient of Rectal Rocket is Lidocaine, it may also contain Hydrocortisone or diltiazem. Rectal rockets have been shown to be highly effective in treating most hemorrhoids. The slit in the suppository is designed to allow the gas to pass but prevent it from falling out. Patients often use rectal rockets at bedtime.

The shape of rectal rockets makes them highly effective for hemorrhoids. They are made in a compounding lab and are available without a prescription. The main ingredients of rectal rockets are hydrocortisone and lidocaine. The rocket is contoured at the front end and flared at the bottom so that it remains in place for four to six hours. The rockets do not require a prescription and are easily absorbed and used.

Traditional suppositories fail to treat hemorrhoids because they lapse into the rectum, losing direct contact with inflamed tissue. Rectal Rocket, however, is a revolutionary treatment for hemorrhoids. With just one application, it dramatically brings healing to hemorrhoids in as little as three days. Because it delivers pain relief and prolongs the effects of hydrocortisone, this suppository provides continuous, lasting relief.


If you have hemorrhoids, you might be wondering: How long does it take a rectal-rocket to dissolve? While the duration depends on the severity of your condition, the procedure is generally quick and painless. The Rectal Rocket contains the active ingredients Lidocaine and Hydrocortisone, which are both effective against most types of hemorrhoids. This treatment will provide relief for an extended period, meaning you won’t need to go to the doctor every few hours.

Hemorrhoids are among the most common colorectal complaints. They can be internal, external, or a combination of both. Often, treatment for hemorrhoids is a combination of suppositories, and while they provide temporary relief, they are not particularly pleasant to use. The Rectal Rocket is different because it allows for continuous contact with the perianal and anal areas, providing more comfort and optimal absorption.

The Rectal Rocket is made with a special formula that holds the medication at the receptor site so that it can work on both internal and external hemorrhoids. This treatment is also more comfortable because there is no need for external application. Unlike traditional suppositories, which lapse into the colon, the Rectal Rocket stays in the rectum for several hours, soothing inflamed tissue and treating both internal and external hemorrhoids at the same time.


A Rectal Rocket is an FDA-approved method for treating internal hemorrhoids. Its flared bottom and contoured front end ensure that the device does not lapse into the rectum and remain in place. Because the Rectal Rocket remains in place for several days, it is an effective treatment for most hemorrhoids. There are several benefits to using Rectal Rockets as a hemorrhoid treatment.

Rectal Rockets are effective for both internal and external hemorrhoids. Because the rocket is designed to remain in place in the rectum, it allows the medication to be absorbed into the body more efficiently. Because it has a small slit on one side, it can be applied to an internal hemorrhoid quickly and easily. The dissolving option is a more convenient option for patients who are not comfortable with suppositories.

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