How Long to Soak WBS Grains

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

Soaking WBS grains is an essential step in the preparation of any type of tek. It is important to use the right container and water level to ensure proper soaking. Water level should be enough to cover the grains, but not too much. The grains will expand and should be kept submerged, and the water level should be just above the water level. Soaking the grains for a longer period of time is not harmful, as long as it does not ferment or germinate. However, if soaked for too long, the grains will eventually rot and ferment.

How to prepare a WBS tek

To prepare a WBS Tek, first soak the dry grains in water for at least 18 hours. Then, simmer them for 15 to 30 minutes. Do not boil the WBS as boiling will lyse the seed. Drain and allow to cool until no drops remain. To avoid the seed from clumping, stir the WBS occasionally and allow it to completely drain. Then, you are ready to harvest your WBS Tek.

It is also important to know that different grains require slight tweaks to the basic method. A WBS tek can be any method that works well for wild bird seed mixes. Though all methods result in a decent crop, different varieties require specific tweaks. For beginners, the WBS tek is not recommended as a first-time grower. To avoid failure, gather all of the necessary supplies. Once you’ve assembled these ingredients, you can start soaking the WBS tek.

After soaking the grains, you can add gypsum and simmer on low heat for at least 45 minutes. Once the grains reach the optimal hydration level, remove them from the water and store them in jars. Alternatively, you can boil the WBS seeds in simmering water. This will kill any contaminates that may remain dormant after the seeds are soaked.

How to soak wbs

You should always make sure that you follow the proper process for soaking your WBS. To make sure that the WBS doesn’t ferment or germinate, you must add water to the mixture at least two-thirds full. Soaking your WBS should last from fifteen to thirty minutes. You must stir it every ten minutes or so to prevent it from burning or boiling. Once it is done, you should allow it to drain until no more drops remain.

For the first timer, it may be better to soak your spawn in birdseed instead of water. This will result in quicker colonization and higher yield. In addition, some strains of mushrooms have specific preferences. Soaking WBS should be done once every two days or so. After soaking, you can strain and inoculate the mixture the next day. Then, it’s time to add birdseed to the mixture to speed up the colonization process.

How to pasteurize wbs

Soaking grains is essential for preparing the finished WBS, which can be done either in a boiling bath or by steam drying. A longer soak is recommended as it will keep the WBS from fermenting, sprouting, or rotting. You can add some aged manure to the mixture and make it into tea. After this, you can add the WBS to jars. Then, load them into a mycobag and heat them under pressure for 90 to 120 minutes.

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