How to Chase an Alpha – A Comedy Manhwa by Kimnyeong

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

If you’re a fan of Korean manga, you’ve probably heard of How to Chase an Alpha. Kimnyeong’s manga is among the most popular and is currently being translated by MangaBuddy. While you’re waiting for the English version, you can check out some of the previously translated chapters by visiting MangaBuddy. It’s also available on other websites, such as MangaFreak.

Dojin Park

If you like manga and are interested in catching up on a new series, you should check out How to Chase an Alpha. The manga is a combination of black and white and color. This series is centered around a wealthy alpha man named Dojin Park. It is about two people who become infatuated with each other after meeting each other. This manga has 107 chapters so far and is currently being translated.


How to Chase an Alpha is a comedy yaoi manga written and illustrated by Kimnyeong. The plot revolves around a wealthy son who is a recessive omega who meets a dominant alpha, and the changes that he experiences after he becomes an alpha. This manga also deals with the role of Omega specialists and how they change the body, despite having the same genetic make-up.

The story takes place in middle school, where Gyojin is a mediocre alpha, and his superior, Hyeono, is a senior from college. The two grew up together, but Hyeono had bullied Gyojin and the two eventually resolved their misunderstanding. However, Hyeono’s courtship of Gyojin causes Gyojin to be concerned and upset with the romance. Fortunately, his senior in college re-appealed him, and it turned out to be a superior to Gyojin.

A dominant alpha is not easily tamed. Kyungjoo, heir to the Seosan Group, is the only exception. In the beginning, he thought Wooyoung was crazy and began intimacy with her. Later, he asked his brother about his father and remarked that he was a recessive Omega pretending to be a beta. He was 165 cm tall and weighed 54 kilograms.


How to Chase an Alpha is a yaoi comedy manhwa by Kimnyeong. In this manga, a wealthy son becomes an omega by meeting a dominant alpha. The story centers on the changes that happen in his body and the relationship that develops between him and the alpha. It is a funny story with spoilers and recaps. The manga is available on MangaBuddy.

The protagonist is a high-school senior who is mistrustful of alphas and hates society for making life difficult for Omegas. He was bullied in middle school and a rival and the two have since resolved their misunderstanding. But Hyeono’s courtship of the alpha is bothering Gyojin, so he re-appeared him. He is confused because the senior he had re-applied for him was actually his superior.

The alpha who introduced himself as Kyungjoo is a dominant Alpha, who avoids omegas and has a strong sense of self-control. He is the heir to the Seosan Group and has no intention of letting anyone be an omega in his group. The alphas are constantly reminded to relax and have fun, and Kyungjoo intervenes in the relationship when he becomes angry.


If you want to read a yaoi manhwa, you might want to start with How to Chase an Alpha. This manga series is written and illustrated by Kimnyeong. It is about a wealthy son who is recessive Omega who meets a dominant Alpha and changes his body as a result. Originally published in Korean, this manga series is now available in English.

The story is about the heir to the Seosan Group, Hyesung Kim. Wooyoung, a member of the alpha family, grows up thinking he was an omega. But, after he meets the wealthy alpha Dojin Park, he finds himself musically inspired by him. Both of them try to deny their attraction to each other, but the mutual hunger pushes them into each other, despite their differences.

Hyeono’s superior

Gyojin is an Omega who mistrusts alphas and despises the society that makes life difficult for Omegas. His superior is Hyeono, a classmate from middle school. They had a misunderstanding, but Hyeono settled it. Hyeono is bothered by Gyojin’s courtship, and Gyojin re-appealed to her after his college graduation, only to discover that she was his superior.

Hyeono’s father

In How to Chase Hyeono’s Father, Gyojin is a lone omega navigating a world made for alphas. He struggles with discrimination at work and meets his old classmate Hyeono. Hyeono wants revenge after being mistaken for an omega at school. She plans to kill Gyojin for his wrongdoing and get back at him.

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