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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

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Wooyoung’s father demands to know where the alpha is

The main character of How to Snag an Alpha is an omega. Although Wooyoung is born to an alpha family, he doesn’t feel like one. Wooyoung’s father, a strict alpha, tries to lock him up in the house, but the omega’s pheromones are weak. To get an alpha, Wooyoung pretends to be a beta, then attends an alpha party.

Seonghwa, the male protagonist, comes into the picture when Wooyoung accidentally bumps into him while playing a game of telephone. During the game, Wooyoung’s father demands to know where the alpha is. Seonghwa, Wooyoung’s father’s best friend, reminds him to focus and he pushes his hair back. Both of them breathe deeply.

The two men’s conversations are very intense. Wooyoung’s father is a strong Alpha, surrounded by many Omegas. Kyungjoo, meanwhile, is surrounded by different Alphas, who are all jealous of each other. Wooyoung’s father has a difficult time dealing with this, but he has a good understanding of his son.

Before making his debut as a member of ATEEZ, Wooyoung had been part of KQ Fellaz, a pre-debut team of trainees. He made his debut as a member of the group on October 24, 2018. Wooyoung holds a vocal and performance position in ATEEZ. In addition, he is a member of the ‘Micro-Chi’ group.

Kyungjoo’s dad is jealous of Wooyoung’s success in school and tells him to go to the U.S. after he graduates. However, Wooyoung decides to leave the house and flees. However, Kyungjoo appears at the airport and promises to wait for him. Later on, he meets Liam in the United States.

At the beginning of the episode, the alpha is hiding somewhere. But the alpha’s location isn’t known. It’s a mystery – because the alpha isn’t allowed to be revealed to everyone. While the alpha isn’t actually an alpha, it is a mythical organization, based on the characters and situations of the show.

Kyungjoo is a dominant alpha

The heir to the Seosan group, Kyungjoo is an Alpha who stays away from Omegas. He thinks that Wooyoung is crazy when he tries to get intimate with him. However, he is very nice to him, and he reciprocates his feelings. The heir to the Seosan group sits on a throne-like chair and reminds alphas to have fun. The Seosan group will inevitably break up and Kyungjoo will have to leave the group.

Wooyoung has a crush on Kyungjoo and tries to convince him to take care of him in bed. The two meet regularly and have sex until they can hardly feel their bodies. The two engage in tender encounters during which they are both sensitive to each other’s needs. However, when it comes to sex, Kyungjoo has a wilder side. Although it is an ominous moment for Wooyoung and viewers will be able to see both of their private parts, their love is destined to last.

Wooyoung must use every tactic to court Kyungju

In order to court Kyungju, WooYoung must employ every tactic in his arsenal. He must prove his worth to Kyungju through his lovemaking and charismatic actions, but how will he succeed? Let’s take a closer look. Read on to discover the strategies Wooyoung uses to get Kyungju. You’ll be amazed by how much he can do!

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