How to Install a Low Ambient Kit

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

A Low Ambient Kit is a field-installed accessory that will turn your air conditioning system on and keep it cool during low ambient conditions. It activates your system‚s cooling function when the outdoor temperature is below the manufacturer‚s specification or BTUs are significantly reduced. Typically, you will need to install this accessory when the temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Low Ambient Kits also keep your system pressures normal.

Field installed accessory

A low ambient kit is a field-installed accessory that automatically activates the cooling system when outdoor temperatures fall below manufacturer specifications. It also helps prevent freezing by varying the air flow through the outside evaporator coil. This accessory is not suitable for outdoor units with ECM condensor fan motors. If you are considering adding a Low Ambient Kit to your unit, you need to know how to install one.

LAKT-01 kit slows condenser fan to maintain head pressure

The Low Ambient kit is a field-installed accessory that will activate the cooling system when conditions are low or ambient temperature is below the manufacturer‚s specifications. It works by slowing the condenser fan to maintain system head pressure, prevents icing of the coil, and helps keep indoor temperatures comfortable. It also helps maintain the head pressure in the system when the temperature outside drops.

A low ambient kit slows down the condenser fan to maintain head pressure, and is commonly called a head pressure control damper. This damper is located on the discharge side of the condensing fan. Its function is to slow the condensing rate. The damper closes, and airflow slows naturally. This means that Delta-T will rise, which prevents the refrigerant from dropping below its temperature threshold. Most conventional refrigerants can‚t withstand temperatures below thirty or forty degrees because they will lose their refrigerants and cause the compressor to stop functioning.

Installation instructions

The Goodman, Daikin LAKT-01 Low Ambient kit is a field-installed accessory for regulating the system‚s cooling operation during low ambient conditions. When the outdoor temperature falls below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the Low Ambient Kit will automatically activate the cooling system, thereby reducing the unit‚s BTUs and preventing the coil from icing. The Low Ambient Kit also keeps the pressures in the system within normal limits.

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