How to Start a Toyostove Laser 73

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

When using a Toyostove Laser 73, you’ll find that the unit requires kerosene that is No.1-K, which is recommended by the manufacturer. Using lower-quality kerosene may lead to abnormal combustion, reducing the lifespan of your heater. Make sure you use non-red cans to avoid this problem. The laser also has an auto switch that turns on automatic operation modes and a timer.

Error code EE6

If you’re facing an error code EE6, it’s probably time to service your stove. Typically, this error code appears during the pre-heat or ignition stage. If you see it twice, it means the flame sensor has failed twice. This type of burner uses sealed combustion to direct combustion gases outside the building. This type of burner delivers comfortable, safe warmth to zone and whole-house heating systems.

If you notice an error code EE6 on your Toyostove Laser 73 or 56 model, the problem is caused by the primary flame rod failing to sense a flame twice during the normal burning mode. The heater will then shut off and enter a five-minute purge cycle. If you’re unsure of why this code appears, refer to the troubleshooting chart to diagnose the problem.

A blocked hole in the heating element can also cause this error code. Other common heater problems are water in the fuel, bad igniter, and dirty combustion. A blocked hole in the burner can cause the unit to shut down. This can result in a fire. Fortunately, these problems are relatively simple to troubleshoot. Once you have figured out the cause, you can safely restart your heating system.

If your Toyostove laser 730 has stopped igniting after two or three attempts, you should consider replacing the ignitor. You can find these replacement parts online. Toyotomi heaters are available for many popular models, so you should have no trouble finding a replacement part. The same goes for the parts used in these models. You can purchase replacement parts for your Toyostove heater by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

Error code 12

When you try to operate a Toyostove Laser 73 heater, you may encounter an error code 12. This code indicates that the flame sensor on the primary burner has failed to sense the flame twice during the normal burning cycle. In addition to that, the unit may have a faulty circuit board or a clogged filter. To resolve the problem, check the fuel pump controller. If it’s in-circuit, replace the fuel pump controller.

If you see this error code, it is most likely that there is a problem with the heater. Specifically, it may be indicating that the fuel has water in it. It could also mean that the combustion chamber is dirty. To check this issue, follow the directions outlined below. After checking your stove for this code, you can try cleaning the fuel filter. The amount of fuel that will spill out is less than 1 oz.

Cleaning a toyostove laser 73

You may have noticed that your Toyostove Laser 73 is showing an error code. The error code indicates that the heating unit is malfunctioning. If this is the case, you can follow the instructions in this video to solve the issue. If the code does not go away, you may need to replace the heating unit. A phillips screwdriver and a pair of needle nose pliers will help you remove the fuel screen.

Setting the time on a toyostove laser 73

Toyostove Laser 73 wall furnace is one of the highest output wall furnaces on the market, heating up to 2000 square feet of living space. This sealed combustion stove uses outside air to generate heat and vents the exhaust directly to the outdoors. The laser 73 provides whole house warmth, as well as zone heating. The error code 12 indicates that the high limit switch is activated. To fix the problem, you can remove the heater, clear obstructions, and check the high limit switch wires for damage. If the issue still persists, replace the high limit switch controller.

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