How to Use SynWax

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

If you’re wondering how to use SynWax, read on! SynWax is a vegan-friendly, versatile synthetic wax substitute. It’s great for creating facial features, creating wounds, and blocking brows, and it’s vegan! This article will show you how to use SynWax to achieve a variety of facial effects. This wax is also available in a wide variety of colors and can be used in a variety of ways.

SynWax is a versatile synthetic wax substitute for traditional modeling wax

Mehron has introduced a new alternative to modeling plaster and clay: SynWax. This versatile synthetic wax is more pliable and easy to apply for finer detail work. Modeling wax and SynWax are interchangeable and designed specifically for the Professional Performer. The product has been designed to mimic the feel of traditional modelling wax and can be used for fine detailing, blocking eyebrows, and smoothing edges of prosthetic pieces. The 1.5 oz. container is compatible with a variety of makeup brushes.

It can be used to build up facial features

Mehron’s SynWax is a synthetic vegan wax that can be used to build up facial features. It is the perfect solution for blocking eyebrows, creating wounds, and more. SynWax can be used to build up facial features and to create the illusion of a realistic scar. In addition, it can be used to create a range of facial expressions, including a full range of emotions, such as gloom and depression.

SynWax is a great alternative to traditional modeling wax. This synthetic wax is softer and more pliable, and is interchangeable with regular modeling wax. It can also be used to smooth out the edges of prosthetics. SynWax contains mineral oil, Ricinus Communis seed oil, BHA, and may contain iron oxides. It can be applied directly to skin and blended with mineral oil, cream makeup, or pre-soak products.

It is vegan

You may not know that Synwax is actually a type of wax. This vegan wax is actually a combination of specially designed synthetics. While traditional modelleer wax has a very low soepel content, SynWax allows you to create more realistic effects. It can be used in combination with traditional modelleer wax, or on its own for special effects. The good news is that SynWax is completely vegan and cruelty-free, and you can use it for any occasion.

SynWax is vegan and is completely interchangeable with modeling wax. You can use it to build facial features, create wounds, or block brows. Its high-sheen texture also makes it easier to work with fine details. And because it is vegan, SynWax is a great choice for vegans who are sensitive to animal products. It is an excellent choice for all types of makeup artists, from makeup artists to professional performers.

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