What Does a Houseboat Become When it Grows Up?

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

A houseboat is a reincarnated vessel whose name has changed several times throughout history. From the Lone Star to the Lucille II, houseboats have become iconic symbols of luxury and style. In addition to cruising the world, houseboats also serve as excellent models for photo shoots. Listed below are a few notable examples. All of these vessels have a unique character and evoke distinct feelings.

Lone Star

Since the late 1960s, the Boykins have made a pilgrimage to their 90-year-old houseboat, Lone Star, on the island of Gibson Island, California. During winter 1974, when the bilge pump failed in only ten feet of water, the houseboat stuck out in the shallow bay and sank. In an attempt to float the boat, Captain Denver Sanner and the crew used balloons to pump the water out of the hull and float it.

The Lone Star is white, so that owners can add beachy trinkets and decorations while avoiding blue. There are five bedrooms, a galley at one end, and a deck. The galley contains a propane-fueled refrigerator. The owners also installed ceiling fans in all the rooms and a grill on the deck. During the hot summer months, they enjoy the company of friends and family while cooking out on the deck. To stay entertained, they use Bluetooth speakers and DVDs.

In the 1870s, the Lone Star arrived at Lyons, Iowa, as a wood-burning side-wheeler, a short-run packet. It was remodeled in 1890 and again in 1899, before being redesigned for dredging operations. On 21 April 1968, the Lone Star was placed out of service. Now, the only remaining intact wood-hull paddlewheel boat is Lone Star.

Lucille II

Jurlando and Reckel bought a gray barge, “Lucille II”, which once belonged to a Goldman Sachs exec. It was an old houseboat with wood paneling and only one bathroom – and, of course, it was out of commission. The pair gave it a full aesthetic makeover, including a Jacuzzi and wine fridge. They hired a Brooklyn design firm to give it a fresh look for their photo shoots.

Legg Mason

A houseboat is an aquatic organism. Like any living organism, a houseboat will grow up into some kind of animal. Most houseboats are aquatic. This is especially true of houseboat colonies, which were originally known as refuges for hard-scrabble laborers and rough-and-tumble ne’er-do-wells. Seattle city hall and its health department attempted in the past to discourage these colonial communities. When they couldn’t prevent the colony from expanding, the health department cited sanitary infractions and forced them to move to less obtrusive locations. These colonies were towed to Harbor Island and the Duwamish River.

The Floating Homes Association was formed by houseboaters in November, with Pettus as Administrative Secretary and President Neale as executive directors. However, houseboats were challenged by the physical limitations of Seattle. In 1963, the Seattle Public Safety Committee issued a belated statement supporting the houseboat movement. The City Planning Commission also issued a report in 1963 that predicted that the houseboats would eventually disappear and be replaced with a landscaped area.

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