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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

The BeauGen Clearly Comfy Breast Pump Cushions are a fantastic invention! These thin, flexible silicone cushions reduce the flange of the Elvie by approximately 2mm. Despite being made of silicone, they do not block the suction holes! And they are food-safe, BPA-free, and FDA-compliant! To learn how to use BeauGen cushions, read on. This article will explain everything you need to know.

BeauGen Clearly Comfy Breast Pump Cushions are made of a food-safe, BPA-free and FDA-compliant plastic

The Clearly Comfy 2.0 Breast Pump Cushion is more firm than the original, but is still comfortable for moms who need a larger fit. It fits breast pumps with a flange size of 21mm or greater. It is also FDA-compliant and made from FDA-safe, BPA-free plastic.

The cushion reduces the original flange size by 2mm and works with most pumps with a c-flange 21mm-27mm. It is made of FDA-compliant, BPA-free and food-safe plastic and is 100% recyclable. The unique tacky texture of the cushion helps it adhere to the flange and stay there while you pump. They are made in the USA.

The cushions are safe and comfortable to use with any breast pump. They can last between two and eight weeks. They are also dishwasher-safe, and are made of BPA-free and FDA-compliant plastic. They are made to fit most breast pumps. The cushions are made in the USA with food-safe, BPA-free and FDA-compliant plastic.

They reduce the size of the Elvie flanges by 2mm

If you want to buy a new breast pump and you’re not sure which one to get, you should consider using the Beaugen Elvie tampons. These are thin silicone cushions that fit inside the breast flange. They reduce the size by 2mm, making them suitable for nipples that are 17 to 19mm. They reduce rubbing and excess movement, making pumping more comfortable. The cushions can be used with the Elvie or Willow pumps, too.

The Elvie comes with a flange size of 24mm, but the Beaugen Elvie flanges can be reduced by 2mm to accommodate smaller breasts. The flanges also have a sizing guide on the bottom of the device, allowing you to choose the correct flange size. If the flanges are too small, you’ll need to use an insert.

The BeauGen Elvie flanges can be used to reduce the size of the flanges on some breast pumps. The BeauGen Elvie flanges can be used for standard or turtleneck breast pumps. The flanges are available in various styles and sizes, so there’s sure to be one that suits your needs.

They are thin, flexible silicone cushions

Despite the fact that they are thin and flexible, BeauGen Cushions are incredibly effective at reducing the size of breast shields. The sticky feature of these silicone inserts makes them particularly useful for women with elastin nipples. These silicone inserts work with nearly every breast shield style, and they reduce the shield size by 2mm. While they do reduce the overall size of the breast shield, if you are between sizes you may need to go up a size.

BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions are made of silicone and fit snugly inside the flange of most pumps. The thin silicone cushions reduce excess movement and rubbing during pumping, making it much more comfortable. A popular alternative to traditional plastic flanges, the BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions are designed to fit most models of Elvie and Willow pumps. The silicone cushions are available online at, with a special promo code EPUMP.

Unlike other products, BeauGen cushions do not last for very long. This can lead to nipple swelling and difficult flange alignment. In addition, they are expensive and will only last for a few weeks before needing to be replaced. Because they are so thin, BeauGen Cushions can cause discomfort for some users. So, it is recommended to try out a couple before committing to one.

They do not block the suction holes

One of the most common questions that women ask about BeauGen cushions is if they will block the suction holes. The answer is yes! The BeauGen cushions are designed to block suction holes while lying on the bed but they do not completely block the suction holes. This depends on the shape of the nipples and the size of the flanges. As long as you buy the right size, you should be fine.

One major drawback of the BeauGen cushion is that it is not very long-lasting. In some cases, it can lead to swelling of the nipple and can make it difficult to align the flange. Also, the BeauGen cushions are not cheap. You will have to replace them routinely. In addition, they are not very long-lasting and usually only last a few weeks.

The soft silicone cushions that make up the BeauGen Breast Pump Cushion are made to fit the flange of your bra. These can fit breast shields between 21 and 27 mm in diameter. They are compatible with most breast pumps and will reduce the size of your flange by 2mm. The BeauGen cushions work with Medela flanges, Freemie cups, Elvie, and Willow. You can find these on amazon with a 10% discount if you use the promo code EPUMP.

They are not cheap

If you are looking for a new nipple cushion, you’ve probably heard of the BeauGen cushion. This product is designed to reduce the stimulation and movement of the nipple. You can purchase a single cushion or a combination of flanges and connectors. The price may seem a little high, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. And you can use your HSA or FSA spending account to purchase one.

The downside of the BeauGen cushion is that it doesn’t last very long. Using it for long periods can cause nipple swelling, which makes alignment of the flange difficult. Another drawback is that the BeauGen cushions are not cheap to use. They typically only last a few weeks and will need to be replaced routinely. In addition, they are not cheap to purchase, and they don’t come cheap.

The BeauGen cushion is designed to fit inside breast flanges from 21 to 27mm. The silicone cushions are thin and fit inside the flange of a breast pump, reducing its size by 2mm. However, some women don’t find them comfortable enough for this purpose. However, they do make pumping easier and less painful. The BeauGen cushions are a popular solution for many users of the Elvie and Willow pumps.

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