How to Align With Your Ori to Manifest Your Desires

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

The ORI is like your personal Super Hero, who will help you manifest your desires into reality. A spiritual teacher, HRU Yuya T Assaan-Anu, in his book, Grasping the Root of Divine Power, recommends offering offerings and refreshing your ORI to reconnect with divine guidance and align with your destiny. The ORI can be accessed through meditation or visualization. By regularly giving offerings and refreshing it, you can ensure that your ORI is in perfect alignment with your destiny and aligns with your destiny.

Ori is a reflection of human consciousness

According to Yoruba culture, “Ori” means head and refers to the spiritual intuition and destiny residing in the soul. It is a reflection of human consciousness residing within the soul. Alignment with Ori is the path to inner peace and fulfillment in life. In Western philosophical traditions, the concept of knowing one’s Ori is foreign. But this ancient African culture has a powerful message for all of us: we are each born with a unique and powerful personality.

According to Tulving, “human consciousness consists of a virtual space where covert anticipatory actions are performed and reinforced”. This introduces a strong time dimension into the world of the unconscious. This freedom to operate in time has been proposed as a specificum humanum, the most distinguishing characteristic of humans. Tulving further argued that consciousness is closely related to memory, and that the two are interconnected.

It is the key to manifestation

The first step to manifesting is to be aware of your ori. This means having a positive sense of self. You can do this by paying attention to your emotions and consciously embracing your body and spirit. You can also pay attention to Indigenous knowledge and practice, as well as affirming your place in the larger community. By making the shift to awareness, you can create the manifestation you desire.

Manifestation occurs on an energetic level. Similarly, you attract negative experiences to you if your energy is low. On the other hand, a high vibration attracts positive experiences. Your thoughts and feelings are concentrated energies, which correspond to your Ori. Ultimately, your thoughts and feelings create the outcomes that you receive in your life. If you feel dis-ease or unfulfilled, you must change your thoughts.

It affects Babalawos

Aligning with your Ori will affect the Babalawos in two ways. First, your Ori is the creator of your destiny. When you align with your Ori, your destiny becomes a lot easier to achieve. It will also make you more connected to the world around you. The second way to align with your Ori is by learning to speak to your Babalawos in a respectful manner.

The Ori, which is the personification of our destiny and spiritual intuition, is situated in the crown chakra. In the Yoruba religion, working with the Orishas can heal us both physically and spiritually. When we develop a healthy and balanced character, we can align with our Orishas and become healthy and happy. Whether you’re a warrior or a politician, your Ori will determine what your destiny is, including your personal success or failure.

It affects Babalawos’ destiny

In ifa, Babalawos are called fathers of secrets. Ifa’s prophetic message is based on this concept. The existence of Ela means that the universe cannot move away from evolution without running into the primal genetic imprint of Nature. This coded blueprint is the basis of evolution, and its presence means that it will eventually face resistance. In this way, the Babalawo’s destiny is rooted in the primordial principle of expansion in the universe.

Using the Ifa divination system, a Babalawo recites the verses for the odu Ifa sign, and then the Ifa priest discusses the information that these words reveal. In order to benefit from the advice and guidance, the person seeking the diviner must be able to apply the information to their own situation. They must also be able to align the information that is given to them with their own intentions.

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