How to Heal the Sick by Charles and Frances Hunter

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Charles and Frances Hunter were a legendary duo in the body of Christ. Both were anointed, energetic, and sold to God. Through their ministry, they spread God’s Word, mercy, and healing power. Their book, How to Heal the Sick, shares the story of their life, ministry, and miracles. It contains many powerful and life-changing lessons that every believer can use in healing the sick and raising the dead.

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“Happy Hunters” and miracle workers, Charles and Frances Hunter are legends in the body of Christ. Originally, Charles was a “dry spiritual prune” and Frances was a “wild sinner.” However, God fashioned these two out of dry spiritual prunes into powerful, healing ministers. Their ministry has changed the lives of countless people around the world. In this book, they share their remarkable journey of power and triumph.

The Hunters were charismatic evangelists. Their message has touched millions of people. In 2007, they hosted the Worldwide Day of Healing for All Nations. The day is scheduled for Sept. 19 this year. The Hunters’ anointing touched millions of lives and they are remembered as one of the most influential people in the body of Christ. Their ministry is still a global force today, and they continue to impact lives with their healing message.

In the early 1990s, the Hunters were involved in healing crusades in a variety of countries. Their work was first documented in a magazine called Charisma. It was later reported that they helped thousands of people by recharging their batteries. Their miracle-working methods became more popular after their mission in Honduras. Thousands of people were healed during their crusades, including children and the elderly.

In “How to Heal the Sick,” the Hunters claim that every Spirit-filled Christian can heal the sick on a daily basis. They also advertise their Healing Explosion crusades. The Hunters teach that sickness does not bring glory to God; only health brings glory. This approach is controversial, as the Hunters claim that healing is the way of God’s kingdom. They believe that healing is part of the message of salvation.

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Known as Happy Hunters, Charles and Frances Hunter led healing crusades around the world for nearly 40 years. In addition to leading crusades, they wrote numerous books on divine healing and made teaching DVDs. Among their books are The Angel Book, The Handbook of Healing, and The Power of Prayer. All three titles contain information on how to pray and heal, and the two books also serve as textbooks for healing.

The Hunters’ ministry teaches miracle evangelism and the great ingathering of souls before Christ’s return. They claim that in 1980 God gave them a vision of miracle evangelism throughout the world. They believe that healing is part of the message of salvation, and that their ministry is fulfilling Tommy Hicks’ vision of Jesus in 1961. Tommy Hicks claims to have seen Jesus reach out his hands to people in all countries, emitting liquid light, which he believes is a sign that Jesus is granting miracle-working anointing to end-time Christians.

The Hunters are famous for their claims that every Spirit-filled Christian has the power to heal the sick. In their book, “How to Heal the Sick,” they say that every Christian is capable of healing. As such, the Hunters’ ministry is wildly successful, and they boast that they have ministered in 49 countries. But the Hunters’ claims are far from accurate.

The Hunters have been linked to a slew of tragedies. In Oakland, California, a 64-year-old man died during a healing crusade. Another healing crusade, in Fayetteville, North Carolina, was cancelled after a three-year-old girl died. Another healing crusade in Honduras in 1991 claimed the life of an elderly Indian woman. During this mission, Frances Hunter and her team visited over 1,900 people.

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It has been said that God has used the anointed couple, Charles and Frances Hunter, to minister to tens of thousands of people in every country in the world. Though Charles was a dry spiritual prune and Frances a wild sinner, their lives and ministry have been nothing short of amazing. Their testimony of God’s power and the healing gifts of the Holy Spirit has been the basis of countless successful healings in the past decades.

As a former pastor, businessman, and educator, Richard Young has been ministering for over forty years. He began preaching at fourteen years of age and became a full-fledged pastor at twenty. His family has been ministering for generations, and he grew up in a preacher’s family. If you’re interested in learning how to heal the sick, you’ll want to read this book!

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One of the most powerful healing ministries in history began with a couple named Frances and Charles Hunter. Their ministry, known as the Happy Hunters, helped countless people find healing through prayer. As evangelists, they were anointed and energetic, spreading the healing power of the Word of God to the world. Despite their early start, Charles and Frances Hunter had an unmatched devotion to the mission and were committed to their work until their death.

Throughout their years of ministry, the Hunters have done amazing miracles, from healing the sick to casting out demons. Thousands of people have been healed and saved, and they continue to train thousands of healers. The healing ministry started in Long Beach, California, where the couple was able to perform their first Healing Explosion. Charles Hunter explains the practical steps needed to perform healing miracles on others. The book contains many testimonies of healing. While this book is not a comprehensive look at the healing ministry, it is an inspiring read.

The Hunters’ claims that every Spirit-filled Christian can heal the sick every day. They also advertise their crusades as “Healing Explosion” events to help people overcome disease. In their book, How to Heal the Sick, the Hunters assert that sickness does not bring glory to God while health brings glory to God. Regardless of whether or not the Hunters have real faith in Jesus and His ability to heal the sick, the ministry continues to attract a huge following.

After the death of Frances Hunter, the ministry continued to thrive. The Hunters’ anointing in healing and baptism with the Holy Spirit was so powerful that the ministry continues today. Their daughter, Joan, has also taken over the leadership of the ministry. Joan Hunter is also involved in the ministry, writing several books and traveling the world with her parents. In addition to teaching healing, she has published several books.

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Founders of the healing ministry, Charles and Frances Hunter were known as “Happy hunters” because of their simple faith in God. In spite of their past as “dry spiritual prunes” and “wild sinners,” God used them to launch a remarkable healing ministry that changed lives for good. Their story is one of triumph and power. Read on to discover what they did. Let their testimony inspire you!

After becoming Christians, Charles and Francis Hunter’s mission was to train all believers to heal, cast out demons, and operate in the supernatural. This book outlines the various aspects of the healing ministry and contains many testimonies of those who have received healing. However, it is not an in-depth representation of the healing ministry. Nevertheless, the book will inspire you to get started on your own healing ministry.

After her father’s death, Joan Hunter Murrell, Frances’s daughter, took over the ministry’s leadership. Murrell traveled with Charles for 35 years and served as co-pastor of their Dallas church for 18 years. She lives in Pinehurst, Texas, where the ministry is based. Her ministry will continue with her father’s legacy. They are both devoted Christians who believed in the power of prayer and God’s healing.

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