How to Make a Lightning Bolt Friendship Bracelet

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

If you’re thinking of giving your best friend a special friendship gift, a Lightning Bolt friendship bracelet is just the thing. This sterling silver charm bracelet comes packaged on an “Authenticity is Power” card. The charms are suspended on a black cord bracelet with a sliding closure. You’ll need several items to make this bracelet. Embroidery floss, a Labradorite charm, and a chain.

Embroidery floss

If you’ve been wanting to make a friendship bracelet to show off your creative skills, this tutorial will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating your own custom design. The pattern requires you to tie forward knots, so be sure to practice before you begin! Start by tying four strands of embroidery floss, each about 36 inches long. Secure the first string with a simple overhand knot, and secure the second strand with tape or clipboard. With your left hand, begin to tie forward knots.

Next, tie a knot on each end of the second strand. Repeat the process to create a second row of strands. Tie a double knot at the center of the outer strands and clip each end. Continue to make rows of strands, until the bracelet is long enough to be worn. You can secure it with a knot, if desired. To add a lightning bolt charm to your bracelet, simply tie another knot in a second row of strands.

To add a little extra flair to your friendship bracelet, consider making one with Chinese characters. These Chinese characters are Zhi Zuo nonouhauwo, Suo Shu kurieitawo, Ding Qi De ni, Jia Zhi wo, Nu Li wo. Make a lightning bolt friendship bracelet with the Chinese characters for the best results! You’ll be happy you made it!

To create the lightning bolt friendship bracelet, start with two strands of embroidery floss of the same color. You can start with two strands of 36 inches each. Fold these two strands in half, and tie them with a square knot. If you need to add extra support, you can glue the knots together with a little superglue. Once the bracelet is completed, it’s time to give it a final look!

Labradorite charm

Adding a labradorite charm to your friendship bracelet will add a touch of the mysterious. This crystal is said to protect you from temptation. Wear this bracelet with an equally powerful friend to keep you safe from the evil eye. If you are looking for a bracelet that represents strength and protection, this one is the perfect choice. The charm features a unique gemstone combination that is hard to find.

Diamond pattern

A diamond friendship bracelet is an attractive and functional piece of jewelry to give as a gift. You can make this bracelet by following a pattern that’s based on the shape of a diamond. A diamond is formed by a series of alternating rows. The top row is formed by an upside-down chevron. The center strands are made of yellow, and they are tied backwards or forwards in the same manner as the rows above.

This style incorporates all four FB knots. You’ll need four different colors and two strands of each. Double-stranded strings will make the bracelet thicker. The diamond pattern is a mirror image of the Chevron pattern. Start the bracelet with a row or two of chevron knots, then work your way down to the triangle of knots. This bracelet will look lovely on you and your friend.

This stylish design is not difficult to make, but it’s best suited for those who want to take their craft a step further. Its playful appeal will make it popular with friends and is perfect for preparing the novice for more intricate designs. This style is also very popular in open markets of Peru and is easy to master. You can find these bracelets in the markets. The bracelets are made of suede cord and include four different types of knots to achieve a finished look.

Once you’ve finished the first three rows, you can start tying the last three strings. The working string is over the second string. Double-knots will secure the bracelet in place. When the bracelet is ready to wear, unclip it. You can then wear it as a bracelet with a matching diamond-patterned necklace. A diamond-patterned friendship bracelet will look stunning on a friend and be a conversation piece!


If you’re looking for a fun and easy DIY project, consider creating your own lightning bolt friendship bracelet. These bracelets are perfect for special occasions, and come in a variety of different styles and colors. These designs are made from sterling silver and feature three delicate lightning charms on a fine rolo chain with a toggle clasp. They are versatile enough to be worn stacked or individually, and come in an elegant gift box with instructions.

Crystal charm

If you have never made your own jewelry, then you can learn how to make a lightning bolt friendship bracelet with a crystal charm. You can use any crystal charm that you have and string them together to create a beautiful bracelet. You can also use beads to create charms. Just make sure that you choose a small crystal charm, because this one is not large enough to hold a lot of other beads.

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