How to Make a Mutton Bustin Rope

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

You’ve probably heard of mutton bustin ropes, but you’re not sure how to make one. Besides the bell and handle, you’ll also need the official mutton busting rope. This is a rope that you can use to compete with other sheep riders. Here are some ideas for your own riggin. If you’re not into the competition aspect of it, you can still make one yourself.

Rodeo event

For those of you who haven’t participated in a mutton bustin event, you’re probably wondering how to make a mutton busting rope. Well, it is actually quite simple and fun, and there are plenty of ways to make one yourself! Just follow these steps to make your own rope:

The mutton busting event, also known as mutton riding, is a popular rodeo event for kids. Kids under 75 pounds are required to wear a helmet and ride the sheep. They hold on tight as the sheep buck. This activity is only for a second, so be sure to wear a helmet! There is nothing more fun than watching a child try to steer a sheep with their very own rope.

The mutton busting rope is made from a leather cord. Its purpose is to help cowpokes roping sheep successfully complete a clover leaf pattern around the barrels. A mutton busting rope is a necessity to participate in a rodeo event. To participate in this event, you must sign a liability waiver. Make sure to wear a helmet and wear a vest for safety.

If you are participating in a rodeo event, you must be 18 years old or younger. To enter, you must have a parent or legal guardian sign a minor participation waiver. If your parent cannot sign a waiver at the time of registration, the minor’s parent or legal guardian must provide one. A valid photo ID is also required. Once you have a waiver signed, the Mutton Bustin Committee will position you to ride the mutton. The ride will be forward-facing, without any assistance.


Unlike other rodeo sports, mutton busting is not an activity that is only conducted for entertainment. The sport is actually a competition between children between the ages of four and seven who ride sheep. Besides the actual mutton busting, it is also called “wool riding” or sheep riding. However, in order to make a mutton bustin rope, you will need to follow some rules.

First, you need to have the right tools. Make sure you get a pair of pliers. These are important because you will need to make sure that your rope is strong enough. Also, make sure you have a rope that is long enough for the sheep to be pulled. This way, you can make it a lot longer and will be able to pull it farther. This rope should be made from strong material.

If you wish to participate in the competition, you will need to pre-register for the event. To do so, you will need a rodeo ticket. To get a spot, you will need to pay $30 cash. The check-in location is beyond the ticket office at the main gate. Each night, there are ten spots available. All contestants will receive a t-shirt, trophy and bag.

If you wish to take part in the contest, you may bring a friend or family member with you. If you plan on bringing guests, you should park in the spectator parking lot near the Rec Center. Then, make sure you show them the correct attire. Everyone in the contest will wear western clothing. Guests must also wear proper western attire. You may want to bring some cowboy boots or chaps to wear.

Entry fees

Mutton busting is an exciting competition that is open to children and adults alike. The winner receives a shiny gold belt buckle and a round of applause from the crowd. Entry fees for mutton bustin rope events are generally low, around $20 to $40. Participants must be at least five years old and weigh no more than 55 pounds to compete. Participants must wear safety headgear while riding.

Mutton Busting is the most exciting part of the rodeo, attracting crowds of both young and old. It is a fun event where sheep are ridden like bulls and horses. In the event, “Little Buckaroos” are loaded on lambs, riding them like the big cowboys. Participants are timed and judged just like big cowboys.

Mutton busting events are held during the Crawford County Fair, from Sept. 8-13 in Mulberry. The event is held on Tuesday, Sept. 9, at 7 p.m., with an entry fee of $10. Participants must be four years old. Entry fees are $10. The rodeo’s website has more information. You can check out the events schedule and get tickets here. The fair is open to the public.

Mutton busting events are open to the public. Contestants can bring up to three guests or immediate family members. All guests must park in the spectator lot near the Rec Center and give their names to the security officer at the contestant entrance gate. Participants and their guests must wear proper western attire. Entry fees for a mutton bustin rope

Participant Zoe

When she first saw the mutton bustin rope, she was hooked and asked her dad if she could participate. The competition was very popular, so her dad let her go, and she won first place at a local fair. The event is held every summer at rodeos throughout the country, and participants can earn up to $200. Participants don’t need protective gear to compete, and the sheep spend minimal time outdoors. Giodone described the sheep’s living conditions as “respectable.”

The Mutton Bustin’ event is a crowd favorite and is an excellent opportunity for participants to test their stamina and strength while riding sheep. The competition is timed, and each rider is judged on their performance. To participate, participants must be at least four years of age and must have a release of liability waiver signed. Participants are also required to wear appropriate Western clothing, such as chaps and leather vests.

Participants can also make their own mutton bustin ropes. This is a fun way to spend the afternoon with friends and family. This event is a PRE-Rodeo event, and participants are encouraged to dress in Western wear. Mutton bustin events are organized by Tommy Giodone, a leading organizer of rodeos. There is no national organization that oversees these events.

Gene Jolly’s form of mutton bustin’

Mutton busting, popularly known as mutton riding, is a classic rodeo event. Gene Jolly began taking his ewes to rodeos and holding mutton busting events for kids. He would set them up on a sheep in a bucking chute, and let the kids sling their bull rope and ride like bull riders when the chute gate opened.

Each kid must ride the ewe for at least six seconds. The judges score the kids based on how long they can balance the rope and how well they ride the ewe. They may also add points for balance. However, kids can’t touch the ewe with their hands during the ride. In the end, only the champion will win a prize. But the real thrill comes from the competition.

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