How to Make Smoke Cleansing Bundles

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Besides the many benefits of burning sage and lavender, sage-based smoke cleansing bundles can also be a great gift for friends or loved ones. Learn how to make them and discover why they’re so effective. Read on for tips and ideas. You can also include other herbs such as Palo Santo. Once you’ve completed the steps in making your smoke cleansing bundles, you’ll be on your way to a healthy lifestyle.


You’ve probably heard of sage smoke cleansing bundles. What’s the deal with them? The plant is considered sacred by many Indigenous peoples. However, the plant’s popularity in wellness products has led to overharvesting. That’s why some tribes have banned non-Natives from selling sage and smudge kits. The plant’s sacredness is threatened by overharvesting, which is a form of cultural erasure and an affront to the land and culture of Indigenous peoples.

The scent of sage can be very appealing, so you may want to consider adding some of these to your sage smoke cleansing bundles. This plant has been used for centuries as a love charm. By burning rosemary alongside sage, you will be adding a lovely, calming scent to your space. And if you’re not into the fragrance of rosemary, you might want to consider adding a touch of lavender to the bundles.

To use sage, start with the feet and work your way up the body, wafting the smoke upwards, around your body. This way, you’ll also be cleansing your mind and body from negative energy. When you’re finished, you can move the smoke in slow, clockwise circles, and smudge your hands and throat area. After smudging, close the doors and windows to keep the smoke from escaping.

For a more traditional experience, you can try a sage smoke cleansing spray, which contains the same energy-cleansing properties of traditional sage smoke cleansing bundles. The spray contains pure essential oils and quartz crystal to intensify the effects. You can even use a bundle of sage as an altar tool, since the plant is sacred to Native Americans. In the ancient past, Native Americans often performed rituals involving smudging to cleanse their sacred space.

You should also make sure that the room is free of people and objects before smudging. If you don’t have a window, you can use a fan or feather to direct the smoke. If you’d like to smudge yourself, you can light the end of the sage bundle with a match. The smoke should be directed in a clockwise direction, though a counterclockwise direction is also suitable for spiritual purposes.


To clear the air and remove negative energies from your home, make your own lavender smoke cleansing bundles. This green and zero waste herb is known for its calming and relaxing scent. You can dry the stems and burn them as a smudge stick. Adding other herbs can help to cleanse the air and enhance the scent of your bundle. Juniper is said to help remove negative energies and is a favorite of Native Americans. The citrusy aroma of juniper makes it a perfect addition to lavender smoke cleansing bundles.

To create a smoke cleansing bundle, first choose a bunch of herbs. If you have a specific intention in mind, you can also check their magical properties. Once you have selected your herbs, cut a length of string that’s about four times as long as the bundle’s length. Then, tie the string around the bundle, about half-way up from the base. Continue wrapping the string until the bundle is tightly wrapped. After it’s tied, run the end under a cool stream to stop the burning process.

Once you’ve made your smoke cleansing bundle, make sure it’s dry. If you’re using fresh herbs, make sure they’re completely dry before lighting them. After that, you can use the bundle as a decorative item for your home. For extra potency, you can charge it with tarot cards or crystals. These herbal smoke cleansing bundles are wonderful housewarming gifts! Just remember to use them sparingly, and to keep them in a dry place until they’re needed again.

If you’re a novice to making herbal smoke cleansing bundles, there are some things you should know about the herbs. Sage, for example, is an excellent plant to use for smoke cleansing. Not only is it easy to grow, but it also has medicinal benefits. Sage and lavender are two herbs that go well together. Sage is a good way to start, as they both have healing properties. If you’re a beginner, it might be a good idea to buy one of each and try it out!

Cooking sages

Smoke cleansing bundles of sage are a common and effective way to clear negative energy in your home. You can make these by burning the herbs, but there are certain instructions you must follow in order to make the process effective. In this article, we will cover these steps and explain how to make cooking sages smoke cleansing bundles. Read on to find out how! Here are some tips:

Gather your herbs and cut them into strips or sticks. Choose herbs that smell good and are about six to eight inches long. You can also use any dried flower. Some herbs burn for an extended period of time, while others need to be re-lit frequently. The herbs should be dried completely before use, so choose carefully. If you don’t have sage, lavender flowers will work well as well.

Smudging is a traditional practice dating back many centuries. It has many benefits for all people, including those with a sensitive spirit. It can help reduce stress, filter negativity, and increase focus. You can make smudging bundles to cleanse your home or even yourself. Smudging is not a one-time event, but can be performed anytime. It is best to perform it regularly to reap the benefits.

Cooking sages can be substituted for white sage. These can be bought at occult stores, organic grocery stores, or online. If you want to make smoke cleansing bundles, you can grow them yourself. However, it is important to take caution with fire! You should also know how to use them safely. It is important to be careful when handling fire when burning the herbs.

Gathering fresh sage leaves and sage sticks is easy, but you need to know how to store and prepare them. Sage is a resinous herb, so it dries out very quickly. Gather sage at the right time, when the plants are in full bloom. Use a natural binding material such as organic cotton string to bind the herbs. You should use as little string as possible.

Palo Santo

There are many benefits to using Palo Santo smoke as a cleansing agent. Its slow burning properties help you create a space where healing energy can thrive. Whenever you use it, you’ll be glad you did! When you use Palo Santo smoke in cleansing ceremonies, you’ll feel the difference immediately. The smoke drifts gently over a room or area and leaves a clean, hazy impression. Once the cleansing is complete, you can extinguish the smoke by placing it into a heatproof bowl or shell.

Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood, is made from a sacred tree in South America. Its sticks are similar to resin incense and sage bundles, but are 100% sustainable. A bundle of Palo Santo usually contains between four and six sticks, depending on their thickness. Using it as a cleansing agent is a great way to reduce toxins, boost your energy, and clear any negative energies.

Smoke from Palo Santo is known to have cleansing properties and can be incorporated into any home cleansing ritual. Sacred Space bundles are made with sustainable and ethically harvested wood from the Amazon rainforest. While they may seem pricey, they’re a great investment to cleanse your home and help you relax. You’ll feel more energetic and relaxed after using one of these smoke cleansing bundles. There are also many other benefits to using Palo Santo. These smoke cleansing bundles are excellent for removing negative energy from your home.

To make the most of these bundles, you’ll need to light one end of each stick. Once lit, the wood will release a fragrant smoke, which will clear away blockages in your energy. You can also keep it burning on your altar as a smudging piece. Keep in mind that you may have to relight it a few times during a ritual. In general, Palo Santo smoke cleansing bundles should be burned over a fire to keep the smoke fresh.

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