How to Refill Spartan Lite’n Foamy Dispensers

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

If you’re wondering how to refill Spartan Lite’n Foamy dispensers, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain how to refill a foaming hand soap dispenser so that it keeps its luxurious foam. There’s nothing worse than a foaming dispenser that doesn’t work! These hand soap dispensers are extremely convenient, and will save you money on your soap and dispenser costs!

Lite’n Foamy products clog dispenser

You may wonder why your Spartan Lite’n Foamic Hand Care products are clogging your dispenser. These products are different from traditional hand soaps in that they foam up when placed in the dispenser. Whether your dispenser has an adhesive or screw mount, this article will explain how to refill your Lite’n Foamy products. It may be a simple task, but you may find that the foaming action of these products can cause clogging.

Traditional hand soaps will clog dispenser

The Spartan Chemical Company is a leader in sustainable sanitation and cleaning solutions. It recently announced four new antibacterial hand care products. Hand hygiene is the first line of defense against illness and infection. We touch our nose, mouth, and eyes so our hands are constantly exposed to germs. Unwashed hands can transfer germs from one person to another and contaminate food and objects.

A Spartan lite n foamy hand soap dispenser works by dispensing a small amount of hand wash, diluted with air, creating a rich lather when it comes out of the dispenser. Foaming hand soap is meant to be used with specialized dispensers. Some foaming dispensers do not require refilling while others do. For the best results, be sure to purchase one that does not require frequent refilling.

Lite’n Foamy products are economical and sustainable

Spartan Lite’n Foames are an economical and green solution to frequent hand washing. These foam dispensers can be installed in public restrooms, fitness centers, and even swimming pools. They are eco-friendly and come with an appealing citrus fragrance. They are great for LEED-certified buildings. They are great for businesses and homes, too, and are an excellent choice for LEED-certified properties.

Designed for commercial use, the Lite’n Foamy E2 Sanitizing Hand Wash is fragrance-free and triclosan-free. It’s also suitable for food processing facilities. And because it’s packaged with a tamper-proof lock and a refillable 1000 mL tank, it’s economical for end users. This sanitizing hand wash reduces waste, and has a minimal environmental impact.

With the Spartan Lite’n Foamed dispensers, your customers can easily wash their hands with the premium hand soap Pearlux, which leaves skin feeling soft and nourished. The dispensers have a durable adhesive backing that sticks to a wall. And if you’re on a budget, it’s an even better idea to purchase a 10-bag box, instead of purchasing individual foam dispensers.

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