How to Spank Your Wife

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Whether it’s a gentle reminder or a erotic punishment, learning how to spank your wife will make you a better partner. Whether you use the Doggy style or the’send in the pool boy’ method, your wife will know when she’s messed up. Read on to learn more about the best ways to spank your wife. Here are some suggestions:

Erotic spanking

The appeal of erotic spanking is the physical sensation it brings and the power exchange that can result. During the act, the submissive partner gives up control of her body to the dominant one. It may be temporary or ongoing, and should not be used to resolve real-life resentments. It is safest to use erotic spanking when your relationship is solid. The benefits of erotic spanking for your wife will surprise you!

Spanking is an ancient practice, and early sex manuals recommend it as a way to arouse your partner’s sex organ. The Kama Sutra in India and the Koka Shastra in Arabic are just two of the many texts that suggest the use of spanking. Both of these texts are ascribed to the wisdom of the sages. It is thought that these texts have a long history of use in promoting sex, but the practice has become more accepted by the public in recent years.

If you are new to the art of erotic spanking, try some online tutorials to get an idea of how to perform the action. A couple of hours of practice can help you perfect the art. The best part is that erotic spanking can be enjoyable and safe. It is a great way to arouse your partner and make her feel better. Just be sure to have your wife’s consent to avoid resentment later.

Before you begin erotic spanking for your wife, be sure that you’ve had an intimate discussion with her and agreed that this is the best way to communicate with her. After all, she’ll be more open to the idea if you don’t smack her. Spanking is a powerful way to express the power of a man over his wife, so don’t be shy about trying it.

Sending in a pool boy

If you’re tired of your wife avoiding physical contact with you and just want to hit her in the crotch, you might want to consider sending in a pool boy to do the dirty work for you. The sexy pool boy will make your wife feel like a queen in no time. The pool boy will also do a good job of entertaining her when you’re away.

Spanking a fearful wife

When it comes to spanking a fearful wife, the first step is to make her realize that she is about to get a hard one. When she does, she will cry and sob. This may be the first time she has actually cried after a spanking, but she should understand that fear is a good thing. Fear will increase when the punishment is more severe, and it will be worth it in the long run.

Next, you should understand that women cry a lot more than men. This is both biological and social. It is dangerous for women to suppress their tears, since they are an expression of submission. Do not be scared to spank her if she cries. She will learn the lesson faster if she lets her emotions out. It will also be easier for you, too, if she can understand the importance of emotion.

Besides crying, women also fear showing their weakness. Some of them are raised to hide as little as possible. Pretending to be someone else when you feel vulnerable is a waste of time and energy. Allow her to let out tears if she’s frightened or upset – repressing emotions will lead to frustration, unhappiness, and ill health. And it’s not the end of the world.

For some men, it is hard to face the reality of the punishment. They fear hurting their wives or losing their woman’s love. In this case, they hesitate to spank a woman because they are afraid she will lose her friendliness. However, most women in a Domestic Discipline relationship know that the pain of spanking will make her love her husband more. The good news is that there are plenty of methods available to help overcome the fear of being spanked.

Spanking a slack-jawed wife

The most effective way to spank your slack-jawed wife is to create an endless sequence of slaps, each one never escalating into anything substantial. A spanking sequence is not only fun for her, but it also tests the patience of the kinkster, as she is often reset with a new costume. Listed below are a few ways to start your spanking sequence.

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