How to Use Do As I Say Candles

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

How to use Do As I Say Candles? Here are some tips for using these beautiful candles: Where to leave it, how to light it, and how to dress it. You can even learn how to read the wick. These tips will help you get the most out of your do as I say candles! We’ve broken down a few things you should know about this amazing product! Keep reading for more tips!

Ways to dress it

There are several ways to dress your do as I say candle. Essentially, you dress your candle by rubbing extra ingredients into it. You can use herbs, oils, stones, or crystals to enhance its power. This process is similar to dressing for a special occasion, and can be compared to how you dress yourself. There are different ways to dress a candle, so you can customize the effects it produces depending on the situation.

Herbs can also be used to dress your candle. Using extra virgin olive oil is a good choice for this. You can also use herbs or oil blends for specific magick. Herb lists are available online or at a metaphysical shop. The herbs that you choose should also complement the workings you have in mind. You can buy them from a reputable source. Depending on your budget, you may want to experiment with different herbs and mixtures.

After anointing your candle, you can use the oils to make your intention manifest. By applying personal energy to your candle, it becomes an extension of your thoughts. Dressing it with intention will ensure that you get the desired results. Always remember to wipe your candle in the same direction. Alternatively, you can also use a wand to dress a candle. The process is very simple. You simply dip your index finger in the oil and rub it from the bottom of the candle to the wick.

Ways to read the wick

To read a do as I say candle, the wick should be lit. Then, watch the wax. The wick should remain lit while you perform your rituals. Make sure to mark the front of the candle so you can read its progress and spell results. The front of the candle represents the physical substance of the spell, while the back represents its non-physical matter. In some cases, you may also notice a tear or two in the candle.

A mountain on the wick of a do as I say candle means the spiritual forces are preventing you from completing your spell or ritual. It also indicates that there is work to be done. This is especially true if you want to achieve a certain goal. It might be important to make a raise in your career, or a promotion at work. Either way, the wick of a do as I say candle tells you the timing of the event.

One of the best ways to determine the performance of your spell is to watch the candle’s flame. The different colors of the flame are often indicative of certain characteristics. For example, blue indicates contact with a benevolent spirit while yellow indicates a contact with a malevolent one. By observing how the candle flame reacts to your spell, you can use the flame to predict the strength of your spell.

Another way to read the wick of a do as I say candle is to look at the soot. The soot from a do as I say candle usually starts out black and clears up after the spell is finished. If the black soot is white or becomes transparent, the challenge has been successfully overcome and the spell has been effective. Alternatively, if the black soot is on the bottom half of the candle, it indicates an obstacle came in the way of your spell.

Another way to read the wick of a do as I say candle is to see how the wick moves as it burns. The wick may move closer to the glass or the flame may move to the left or right. These movements are signs that your spell is working on your current problem, or that your intention is moving toward the future. While it may seem mystical, there are other ways to read the wick of a do as I say candle.

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