Top B15+3 – How to Use It Properly

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

If you are looking for a good energy solution for your horse, or a way to boost your performance in competitions, then you should check out TOP B15+3. This supplement is composed of Sodium Pangamate, a type of veterinary drug. Read on to learn more about TOP B15+3 and how to use it properly. We also cover the different types of top b15. If you’re interested in trying it, you can start by checking the ingredients list.

Energy solution

TOP B15 + 3 is an oxygenator and vasodilator, which enhances the performance of the animal during the competition. It is also recommended for the recuperation of convalescent animals and during heavy training sessions. Its main ingredients are sodium pangamate, L-arginine, carnitina, and ATP. They stimulate circulation, improve sperm production, and boost animal performance.

The ingredient list of Top B15 + 3 includes carnitine, arginine, and pangamate of sodium. The active ingredients in this energy supplement are known to be oxygenators and vasodilators. These ingredients help animals in convalescence and after surgery. The combination of carnitine and arginine accelerates energy production in the liver and increases endurance during exercise. By improving circulation and oxygenation, TOP B15 + 3 allows animals to reach their maximum power.


Vasodilator Top B15+3 is a natural supplement that contains the ingredients Sodium Pangamate, L-Arginine and Carnitine. These ingredients have been shown to increase blood circulation and promote maximum performance. The company also offers Top B15+3 as a convalescent treatment. For more information, please visit the website. This product contains L-Arginine, Carnitine, ATP, and Sodium Pangamate.

Vasodilator TOP B15 +3 is a veterinary drug containing Sodium Pangamate and pangamato of sodio. The dosage of this supplement is one to two grams per mui. TOP B15+3 can be diluted with water to obtain the desired results. To maximize the effects of TOP B15+3, apply it in the area where the blood vessels are congested.


TOP B15 + 3 is an energetic-oxygenator-vasodilator solution. It contains L-Arginine, ATP, and carnitine, as well as Sodium Pangamate and Sodium Pyruvate. Combined, these ingredients work as an energizer and enhance animal performance. These nutrients help improve circulation, increase oxygenation, and promote energy production.

Oxygenator for TOP B15 + 3 is a powerful energy supplement and a vasodilator that enhances the performance of animals during competition, convalescence, and after surgery. It contains arginine and carnitine, which aid in the growth of tissues and increase endurance during exercise. It also contains vitamin B15, which improves circulation and oxygenation. Therefore, using it will enhance the animal’s performance, allowing them to reach their maximum power.

Boosts performance in competitions

Boosting is a controversial practice. Although not prohibited by WADA, many athletes use this technique to overcome the fatigue that can occur after spinal cord injuries. In some cases, athletes are deliberately induced into a state of autonomic dysreflexia, a condition in which the body has a heightened sensitivity to painful stimuli. Such athletes have used a number of methods to induce the dysreflexic state, such as blocking catheters or sitting on sharp objects.

In one study, researchers blindfolded 40 participants. They then played a game of darts while receiving feedback from a rival school. They found that receiving negative feedback increased the likelihood of the participants’ performance, while positive feedback increased the chances of achieving the desired result. The researchers concluded that the presence of negative feedback boosted motivation. This phenomenon is particularly relevant in endurance sports. In addition to boosting performance, the effects of autonomic dysreflexia may also lead to death.

Sodium Pangamate (B15)

Sodium Pangamate (B15) is a popular supplement that is used for a variety of health problems. In fact, pangamic acid was first isolated from apricot seeds and marketed by Ernst T. Krebs Sr. in the 1930s. Its medicinal effects were never proven, and it was deemed a quack remedy. It is derived from two chemical compounds, pangamic acid and dimethyl glycine.

Sodium Pangamate is a vitamin-like substance that metabolizes into pangamic acid. It acts as an antioxidant by donating labile radicals to cells. It also increases cellular respiration and redox processes in the body. It also improves synthesis of nucleic acids and steroid hormones. It is also used in the treatment of asthma and other diseases.

The recommended dosage of sodium pangamate depends on several factors, including the age and health of the user. Although there are no studies that show safety of this product, it is still important to follow all instructions for safe use. As with all natural products, dosages are critical. If you are uncertain about the dosage, consult a healthcare professional before taking it. In general, a therapeutic dosage of pangamate is from 50 to 150 milligrams per day.

Sodium Pangamate is used for many animal purposes, including regenerative medicine. It improves circulation, increases oxygenation, and helps boost sperm production. To ensure safety, use it as directed by a medical professional. The recommended dosage for horses, cattle, and pigs is between four and eight milliliters. Greyhounds should take 0.2 ml six hours before a fight.

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