How to Use the Oakley Hydrophobic Pen

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

If you’re looking for an eyewear cleaner, you’re probably wondering how to use the Oakley Hydrophobic pen. Fortunately, this article will walk you through the benefits, ingredients, directions, and price of this new product. Here are some tips to keep you looking great all the time! Keep reading to learn more! After all, you’ll want your eyewear to be as water-resistant as possible!


If you are looking to protect your Oakley eyewear from rain, sweat, and dirt, consider applying a hydro-phobic coating. This special treatment is an all-in-one lens cleaner and protector. The Microclair(tm) cloth can be used to wipe away the coating after application. It also provides a water-resistant barrier. However, this treatment is not compatible with Oakley Snow Goggles and Anti Fog lenses.

Compared to standard sunglasses, Oakley’s Fast Jacket lenses are incredibly water-resistant. Unlike other sunglasses, Oakley applies hydrophobic coating only to the exterior of the lens. This makes it more likely for sweat to roll off the lens and not pool inside. It also helps to prevent eye irritation by blocking harmful UV rays. This treatment costs $20. All you need to do is clean the lens, apply the hydrophobic coating, wait 30 seconds, and buff off the lens.


If you have recently purchased an Oakley pair of eyeglasses, you’ve likely noticed that your lenses have become increasingly slippery. This can be caused by dirt, bacteria, or even a combination of all three. Fortunately, there is a solution: Oakley Hydrophobic Lens Cleaner. This kit combines a lens cleaner and protector into one convenient solution. Once you’ve used it, you can remove it with a Microclair(tm) cloth. One bottle will provide a coating for up to 50 applications. Keep in mind that the Hydro pen won’t work with Oakley Snow Goggles, or lenses that are anti-fog treated.


For preventing fogging on your Oakley sunglasses, a micro-clear Hydrophobic treatment is the best way to protect them from water. This treatment works to repel rain and sweat. It is an all-in-one lens cleaner and protector. Once applied to your lenses, you can wipe them clean with a Microclair(tm) cloth. The water-resistant treatment is not suitable for the lenses of Oakley Snow Goggles, sunglasses, or anti-fog eyewear.

To get your Oakley lenses clean and clear, you can use a Microclear lens cleaning cloth and the Nanoclear Hydrophobic lens cleaning kit. Both of these kits contain streak-free Microclear lens cleaning cloths and are compatible with all lens materials. For best results, use the Oakley Hydrophobic lens cleaning kit every three months to maintain the clarity of your lenses. This lens cleaner is ideal for all Oakley lenses, including those with Iridium.


A good quality pen is one of the best things to have for writing and reading. If you have trouble focusing on your writing, you should buy an Oakley hydrophobic pen. This type of pen has many benefits, including its waterproofing. It is also very convenient, as you can write and read anywhere. The price of this particular type of pen depends on the VAT rate in the country of delivery. It is available for about $20.

The Oakley Nanoclear Hydrophobic Pen Cleaner Kit includes a cleaning fluid that repels water. Its hydrophobic properties prevent oils and lotions from settling on lenses, preventing streaks. The microclear cloth also makes the lens cleaning process easier. Using the Oakley Nanoclear Hydrophobic Lens Cleaner and the Microclear Cleaning Cloth is another way to clean your Oakley lenses.

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