How to Use a 7 African Powers Bath

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

A powerful spiritual bath is possible with the help of the 7 African Powers. This all-purpose mixture has seven powerful energies. When used correctly, it will release negative energy and infuse your body and mind with positive energy. You can use this bath as a means to meditate on your desired goal or to amplify the energy released. Learn how to use the 7 African Powers bath to reap its benefits.

7 African Powers is an all purpose mixture with 7 different powers

The Seven African Powers are spiritual forces that can be invoked to help with various situations. They include self-empowerment, luck, love, fertility, protection, and legal matters. Several other magical uses for the mixture include love spells and rituals. Here are a few of them. Read on to find out more about them! How Do You Use 7 African Powers?

Orishas are a group of spirits that originated in Yorubaland (Nigeria, Benin, and Togo). Like gods, these creatures can help people with all kinds of situations. The Seven African Powers are created by the main creator god, Olodumare. These spirits are invoked in a wide variety of magical systems. While their names aren’t terribly helpful, they can work wonders for those who invoke them.

It is a powerful spiritual bath

A 7 African Powers Bath is a ritual bath wash that has been specially blended to bring about positive changes in your life. This potent formula contains 7 different essential oils and fragrances that have been carefully blended to create the perfect balance and scent. You can use it as a bath wash or as a floor wash. You can use it as a cleansing solution for your floors as well. Moreover, this cleanser is also useful for your body.

You can mix up this blend in a three-gallon bucket of water and then pray in it. You can also add herbs and other ingredients to the bath water to help it amplify your intentions. The blend is effective both in bringing positive changes in your life as well as in attracting wealth and prosperity. The seven African Powers bath is also known as a spiritual bath. It helps you attract wealth, prosperity, and happiness.

You can also use this wash to attract love, money, health, and success. This mixture contains seven different powers and invokes the powers of 7 African Orishas. You can pour the wash into the water of your bath or pour it in. You can take this bath for 15 minutes, soaking in the magical water for maximum results. It is ideal for meditating, as it releases the energy in your body.

It is an all purpose mixture with 7 different powers

The 7 Sisters’ 7 African Powers Bath and Floor Wash contains a blend of powerful ingredients, including essential oils and fragrances. Adding it to your bath or washwater will invoke the power of these African Orishas, which bring love, wealth, health, and success. You can use the seven African Powers Bath and Floor Wash as often as you wish for maximum results. You can use it to attract success and love, or to attract money and wealth.

The 7 Sisters’ Bath is a ritual bath wash that invokes the power of 7 African Orishas. The product comes in an 8-oz plastic bottle. Simply add the contents to water and mop the floor from front to back. The blend works on all surfaces, including hardwood and tile. Then add a few drops to your bath water and enjoy a relaxing bath.

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