When Your Right Wheels Run Into a Soft Shoulder

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

When your right wheels run onto a soft shoulder, what should you do? You must first ease off the accelerator. It is better to slow down slowly, rather than suddenly stopping. Check for traffic behind you and gently steer the vehicle back onto the pavement. If the right wheels run off the road, you can still drive the vehicle but you must be very careful. You may run over a deer or some other animal, so you need to be extra careful and stay calm.

How to get back on the highway

If you have run off the road, you should stop and wait for the traffic to pass. You can then turn your steering wheel a quarter turn to the left. Once you are off the road, steer right to stay in the lane. Stay off the pavement as much as possible until the road is clear. If possible, use a flag or cloth to indicate that you are in need of assistance.

When braking, you should use a gentle and even pressure to keep your car from skidding. This ‘ prevent you from losing control and possibly rolling over. After you’ve stopped, slowly reduce the speed to 25 MPH. By slowing down your car to this speed, you ‘ be able to get all four wheels back on the pavement without skidding and losing control.

How to avoid sudden panic stops when a deer or other animal runs in front of you

A deer or other animal running in front of you can be a startling experience. If you are prepared before the event, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of injury. Avoid swerving, which may work on an empty road at a low speed, but is not recommended in other situations. It can actually do more harm than good. Instead, slow down and use caution when approaching a strange animal.

Whenever possible, avoid sudden panic stops. Slow down or change lanes. This is far safer than a sudden stop. If you need to, ask someone outside your car to slow down or backup for you. Remember that vehicles can build speed when going down a steep hill. If you’re going at a high speed, you’ll have more trouble stopping.

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