How to Change the Time on Your ESI Phone System

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

If you’re confused about how to change the time on your eSi phone system, you’re not alone. This article will teach you how to reset the time automatically, change the music on hold, and save money by limiting the use of long-distance calls. By following the instructions below, you can change the time on your Esi phone system with ease. After all, you’re the one who will be using it, right?


To program your Esi phone system, you need to access administrator mode and enter the password for the administrator. Once there, choose ‘aux music on hold’ and confirm your changes. Next, you can program your telephone system to play a particular song when a call is made or received. Then, change the time as needed. Now, you should be able to enjoy different music while waiting for a call to come in.

To change the time on your Esi phone system, you can do so by pressing the “+” button and typing in DAYLIGHT SAVING in the text box. If you’re not able to find the word “DAYLIGHT SAVING”, press the “return” button, then use the arrow keys to navigate through the options. Once you’ve done this, press the “OK” button to accept the settings.

how to change the time on your esi phone system

When you want to change the time on your Esi phone, you must first access the Administrator password. Next, press the ESI’s PROG/HELP/PROGRAM key. Once the screen pops up, hold it and access Function 14. Press 1 followed by 4 to access Function 14. Enter the new time in twelve-hour format and choose AM or PM by pressing the scroll key. You will now be able to select the day and time, which is very convenient for many business owners.


If you have an ESI phone system, you may want to program your phone to play a different song whenever a call comes in. In addition to changing the time, you can also set your system to play a different song on hold. You can change these settings in administrator mode by going into the phone system’s menu and selecting “Administrator Mode.”

If you would like to change the time on your ESI phone system, you must first program the date and administration. On some systems, you may have to press a special button to change the time. If not, you may press 1 and choose the time you want. You must enter the time in 12 hours format. You do not need to use military format or leading zeros. Press the arrow keys to select AM or PM. Finally, press # to accept the time.

You can also set the time on ESI phone systems to change the time automatically when daylight savings time ends or begins. However, some older systems do not perform automatic time changes. In such cases, you can manually change the time by pressing “Hold” while choosing “Stop station programming” in the settings menu. After you have made the changes, you can start the automatic time change. However, you must be aware that some ESI phone systems do not automatically change the time, so you need to know how to do it.

Resetting the time automatically

You can change the time on your ESI phone system to change the tone of the music you hear while on hold. You can also set the system to play a different song each time someone calls you. To reset the time on your system, you will need to enter the Administrator Mode. In the Administrator Mode, click on the Advanced Settings tab, then click on the ESI telephone system.

To reset the time on your ESI phone system, first access the ESI phone’s Administrator password. Then, press the HOLD or PARK button to enter the Administrator password. You will need to go to Function 142 in the ESI phone software, where you will find a list of settings. When you select a setting, you will see AUTO TIME SET and ENABLED. It is recommended that you choose the latter option.

To set a different time for your ESI feature phones, press the “+” button on your handset and then type in DAYLIGHT SAVING. After typing in a date, you will see two options. Choose the desired option. The time will then be automatically adjusted to the new time. Once the new time has been set, you can enjoy the time of day-saving.

Saving money on long-distance charges

You can save a significant amount of money by simply changing the time on your esi telephone system. The time of day you set on your telephone is one factor that impacts your long-distance charges. By setting the time on your phone system to match your employees’ working schedules, you can avoid costly charges by changing the time you make your calls.

If you need to place many calls to one location, you may want to consider a dedicated trunk from an independent common carrier. In this case, each telephone user has his or her own access code. However, this can create a jam during busy hours, so be aware of this possibility. Alternatively, you may want to consider a dedicated circuit from a Satellite Business System or I.T.T. Niteline, which are both available at night. You can find more information about how to reduce your phone bill in a new book called Reverse the Charges, by David and Michael Smith, published by Pantheon Press, $2.95.

Changing the time on your esi phone systems can save you a significant amount of money on long-distance charges. This method is simple to implement, and it is an easy way to cut down on costs. You can even make changes to the time on your esi phone system at anytime you like. And with ESI’s knowledge base, you can make changes as required to suit your needs.

By changing the time on your esi telephone system, you can significantly reduce your long-distance charges and avoid a lot of hidden costs. Changing the time on your esi phone system is a smart option for reducing your long-distance costs and ensuring the best call quality. It’s worth a try.

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